Leadership Nuggets: Find Your Leadership Voice

Apr 18, 2017 1 Min Read

Do you sometimes feel drowned out in a world of chaos, noise and distractions?

Paul Larsen, certified performance coach from the United States, reminds us that in the midst of those chaos, leaders today need to take a stand to find their voice.

Leaders, you can find your V.O.I.C.E by doing the following:

  • discovering your Values
  • establishing your Outcomes
  • exercising your Influence
  • demonstrating your Courage
  • crafting your leadership Expression

Always ask yourself these questions:

  • What is my brand?
  • What is my legacy as a leader?
  • How do I find my voice?

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Paul Larsen will be speaking at the Malaysia Leadership Summit 2019: Connect, Collaborate, Contribute on July 11, 2019. To find out more and register for the event, head to leaderonomics.com/mls-2019. Tickets for this event are HRDF claimable.

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