Living Out The Leaderonomics Core Values

Nov 25, 2018 1 Min Read


I started my journey at Leaderonomics in March 2012.

Towards the tail end of 2011, I had become jaded with my job and started looking for one that would not only bring meaning and purpose to my life, but also one that would not challenge my personal values on a regular basis.

Growing up, I had always been a people-oriented person, one who believed that everyone has some special talent in them, and all they need is the right support and guidance to get them there.

I myself, am a success story of such an intervention that got me to where I am today.  

It is better to give than to receive

Being in Leaderonomics for the past six years has taught me many things, but it has also changed my perspective in life as well.

Some of the core values that Leaderonomics practises had challenged and even changed my beliefs towards others.

One of these values is Giving.

Growing up in a society that subscribes to ‘give after you receive’; Leaderonomics does the opposite. What challenged me even more was to give even when it wasn’t guaranteed that you would receive in return.

Being encouraged to consistently display that towards all my clients, eventually showed me that by giving, you will reap what you sow, and when it’s time for harvest, you will reap well.

The other benefit of giving (or I call it sowing) is it develops your character. It develops patience, perseverance, tenacity, and diligence, among few.

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Building authentic relationships

While giving changed my perspective, the one value that is embedded within me is Relationships.

I am a full-time subscriber of authentic relationships, whether it is with peers, bosses, clients, vendors, or partners.

Leaders must be authentic and real with the people they interact with, as authenticity brings people closer.

I always believe that we should be transparent with one another, with the mindset to keep each other accountable and always developing.

I also appreciate it when my colleagues and bosses are able to give me honest feedback, which in turn helps me improve myself.


Rishen Philip is part of the learning and development team, focusing on developing learning interventions that will help organisations to continue developing leaders at all levels.


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