Life@Leaderonomics: Happy Labour Day From All Of Us!

Apr 30, 2016 1 Min Read

This long Labour Day weekend, do take the time to take a break and have a ‘Kit Kat’ moment with friends and family.

Even though we may be facing challenges in the workforce, count it a blessing that we still get to enjoy some time off catching a movie, immersing ourselves in our favourite activities or just relax and be well-rested at home.

Leaderonomics wishes you Happy Labour Day!

Here is a personal message from our CEO, Roshan Thiran, to all Malaysians this Labour Day:


Here is the infographic version of Roshan’s message:

Infographic of Kit Kat moment


If you really don’t have anything to do this Labour Day, click here to watch these videos to keep yourself entertained by our very own fellow Leaderonomers, past and present. For more infographics, click here.

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