Learn From: How We Can All Become Great Business Storytellers

Mar 28, 2017 1 Min Read

The art of storytelling. As children, we all love it when our parents or guardians tell us stories by our beds. To a certain extent, everyone is a storyteller.

As humans, we are natural storytellers, but we have just forgotten how to do it at work. We instead become so caught up with numbers, charts, bullet points, big management words and PowerPoint slides, when stories are really about images and pictures.

Many business people are unable to tell the difference between a story and a mere tagline or point of view. Sometimes, what they’re expressing may even be devoid of context and emotions. Often, what they lack is a simple story framework to help them pick out actual stories.

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According to Mark Schenk, managing director of Anecdote International, which is a Leaderonomics faculty partner, there is actually science behind storytelling. Storytelling is way much more memorable and empowering than mere employment engagement surveys whereby messages are often ambiguous and hard to understand.


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