Terrific Thursday Tails: Honduran White Bat

By Millie Ong|05-11-2014 | 1 Min Read
Source: Photo credit (above): Geof Gallice | Flickr
The Honduran White Bat can Teach Us Some Cool Lessons

My fellow human beings,
Today’s animal of choice was introduced to me by a couple of colleagues (thank you, Jermaine, Siyan and all the awesome employees at Leaderonomics!), and I just couldn’t resist sharing this because it is a cutie patootie.

Check out this quick employee testimonial in this video below:

Leaderonomics is awesome and I love being at Leaderonomics but I digress. Back to what I wanted to share in today's Thursday's Terrific Tail. I present… one of only two white-coloured bats in the world, the Honduran White Bat!

These tiny (less than 5 cm!) creatures are famed for using large leaves of plants as shelter against the environment, hiding below these tents that they have fashioned themselves. So, yes, this bat doesn’t live in a cave! To add to the cuteness, a single bat is known as a pup, whereas a colony of them is a “cloud of bats”. White puffy clouds!

So cute, cannot tahan. (for those who don't understand this word, you can get the full definition here)

Leadership lesson

A successful leader knows how to be resourceful and modifies their surroundings to suit their needs – just like how the Honduran White Bats turn the leaves of plants into their shelter!

Til next time, happy Thursday!

Watch this amazing video below

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Millie is formerly the Head of Talent Assessment in Leaderonomics. She is forever intrigued by the human species and is passionate about learning about people.
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