Editor’s Note: Am I On The Right Track?

Aug 14, 2015 1 Min Read


I attended a conference on personal branding recently with a few of my colleagues, expecting to be taught on how to brand myself. In addition to that, I was also given the opportunity to do an assessment on myself and to send it out to my circle of family and friends to be assessed by them too.

The full results are not out yet but I am allowed to log into my account from time to time to see the respondents’ views (anonymous to me). Some of the comments on my strengths took me off guard. I had always thought I had certain abilities but was not too sure of them.

Reading the comments from respondents gave me an insight on how to leverage on my strengths and to fill in the gaps that need improvement. It was indeed an enriching experience.

This brings me to the topic on assessments. Be it for personal or professional use, assessments are crucial tools for self-improvement and identification of the right talent.

Our very own diagnostics lead for the Talent Assessment division in Leaderonomics, Millie Ong, has explained on how talent assessment is seen as a significant tool in identifying the right talent who would be a perfect fit for an organisation.

Elisa Dass asks us if we truly know our leaders. Well, do we? Then, we have Michael Poh explaining the MBTI personality assessment. Have you attempted to find out about yourself? We also have an insight on the competency-based interview by Mathy Randhawa.

Aside from this, flip through our pages to find out how nature is good for our brain in this week’s Brain Bulletin. To jobseekers, find out on how to leverage on career fairs.

An interesting read on giving way to your successor is up this week followed by a special feature on the upcoming DIODE Camp.

Last but not least, we applaud the launches of Leaderonomics South in Johor Bahru and our CEO, Roshan Thiran’s book on leadership, Kembara Kepimpinan. The journey to grow leaders continues to expand day by day.

Hope you enjoy what we have put together for your pleasurable read. Do share your feedback with us at editor@leaderonomics.com

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Prema Jayabalan
Assistant editor

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