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Mar 06, 2015 1 Min Read

Sitting at the newspaper having a last look at the pages before we send them merrily on the next step in the process of bringing you our weekly labour of love, I seem to be inundated with calls and emails this week.

There are people we seem to connect with immediately, making communication effortless. And then there is the entire spectrum of people who require varying levels of blood, sweat and tears to get a message across. Adds to the colour of life, doesn’t it?

As both Morag Barrett and Richard Newton point out, the ability to develop better connections in our professional lives is important, and is equally applicable in our lives outside work. Barrett cautions us on actions we might want to avoid, providing action plans to counter each bad habit; while Newton shares seven simple steps on how to connect with others better.

Joseph Tan takes a step back to consider the things which may threaten the establishment of good relationships, then urges us to take the time to listen, think and invest in the people around us.

Connections can be made at different levels – where good communication skills tend to lie at the core. Majura Perashot, truly walks the walk (or in this case, talks the talk!) – as I have seen her in action communicating with ease in the many interactions she has.

This brings us to the article by Jonathan Yabut on how to love the boss you dislike! Trying to develop a good working relationship with anyone who is disagreeable is dicey in itself – if that person happens to be the boss, one might imagine much walking on eggshells. Yabut presents a good case as to why we should choose to “love our bosses” and how we might do it.

You can say that the leader we feature in The Leaderonomics Show made a different connection – making a change and connecting the dots that led him down a very different path in his career and life. Khirriah Kodry uncovers the story behind a lawyer turned PR man.

In our Starting Young column, Stephanie Kee shares with us her thought process in finding the right role model. And finally in Movie Wisdom, Kathleen Tan shares the leadership lessons she learnt from the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service.

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Published in English daily The Star, Malaysia, 7 March 2015

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