Editor’s Note: I Am Woman, Watch Me Soar

Mar 13, 2015 1 Min Read


This morning, I found myself in a café listening to salsa music – in the distance, the space I had used a few years back to organise a fundraiser “dance for life” to raise cancer awareness and the joy of dancing to stay fit! Being a Tuesday morning, the momentary indulgence in coffee and quiet has become a rare occurrence.

Even as I decided to throw caution to the wind and jump up to dance for the unsuspecting breakfast crowd, I soaked in the scene around me. A woman reading a book sipping her coffee, women waiting for meetings – some looking poised and confident, others shifting just a touch uneasily in their seats, and the ladies next to me positively effervescent in chatter.

I love the fact I have been in the same place as each of these women at some point in my life. International Women’s Day. How do you even begin to describe the 21st century woman?

In our issue dedicated to women worldwide, we try! Not only that, we share their advice as corporate leaders as well as their life lessons with you, our readers.

In our lead article, Roshan Thiran calls for a little introspection and points out a painful truth – that from minions to CEOs, nobody is really good at self-evaluation. He puts forth some tips on how to assess and evaluate ourselves.

On the topic of making a career comeback after a hiatus, we spoke to corporate leaders who shared their words of advice with key decision makers who play a role in creating a conducive work environment for women and men alike. They also shared their personal journeys and lessons learnt.

Leaders come in all forms and sizes. We also spent some time with women leaders who have made a difference in communities small and large.

For a cross-continent snapshot of young women leaders and their world-views, Tara Thiagarajan connected with eight awe-inspiring individuals to bring you their stories.

More on leaders of tomorrow, we also highlight an innovative internship programme that gives students the opportunity to be exposed and immersed in the work of leading organisations across South-East Asia.

We featured many individuals who have gone against the grain to make a difference. Regardless of gender, chances are that we feel anxiety whenever the odds are stacked against us. Caroline Regina Parameswaran writes about facing fear and how we might go about addressing it.

Last, and by no means least, Nina Ti presents some of the tributes we received from readers, celebrating the heroes in their lives.

Have a fantastic weekend all!


Published in English daily The Star, Malaysia, 14 March 2015

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