Editor’s Note: Giving And Receiving

Apr 10, 2015 1 Min Read


Everyone in my family has the unmistakable desire to save the world. The way we approach it varies of course, and as years go by, we sit ourselves down and have the hard talk (still with ourselves) about why we try to do the things we do. And is it the right thing to do anyhow?

One important lesson I learnt from my Pa is that there is always something I can learn from the people around me. No matter where they are from, how rich or poor, how global or local, I know I cannot have lived the same life of that person or learnt from the same experiences. So in my rush to “help people” I have learnt that it is so very important to listen, understand and not impose my version of help.

Learning something new is invigorating! It could be as simple as finding a better route from work that shaves off valuable time you can spend with family, or awesome colleagues (for that all important banter-time before delving into work) or learning how to connect with someone you really want to reach out to.

Somewhat paradoxically – in the realm of unlearning – Joseph Tan shares what we can do less of in order to have both humility and teachability, so that we may be more open to learning. To complement this, Alvin Dan shares his thoughts on how someone, starting young, can be wired to learn for life.

While we have established that learning doesn’t (or at least shouldn’t) stop, it does have to start somewhere! Millie Ong kindly shares her pearls of wisdom on how we can begin to build tomorrow’s leaders today.

So what happens if you lay the groundwork, then the building plan changes completely? Too obscure? Jonathan Yabut asks, “Should your university degree dictate your job?” and shares a very balanced, and personal answer.

Another soul searching question: “Are you a Shark or a Goldfish?” helps us to imagine learning to be one or the other. Jon Gordon has the story!

Richard Newton reminds us of one essential element of a leader – to be sincere and credible – to walk the talk. How we can read between the lines of what is being said by a leader – and the leader’s actual behaviour.

In another instalment of our beloved column Movie Wisdom, Tara Thiagarajan met a young Barbadian girl, a few Boovs and the Gorg to glean some practical leadership lessons. Tara does possess a certain kind of magic that way!

Monday morning a few weeks ago, our dear friend from work Stephanie Ho, even before sitting down at her desk, said that she really needed to share her experience of saying farewell to Lee Kuan Yew. She was deeply moved by being in the midst of a nation in mourning. And so this week, we spend some time remembering Lee.

Take care all and hug your loved ones.

Have a fabulous Saturday!


Published in English daily The Star, Malaysia, 11 April 2015

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