Raise Your Game: Are You A Duck Or A Swan?

Sep 20, 2010 0 Min Read
Are You A Duck Or A Swan?

The best role models are you. If you are a mother or a father (or even an aunt or an uncle!), your children will look up to you and treat you as their role models.

You can become better role models to your employees by:

  1. being aware of your actions
  2. identifying your bad habits and behaviours
  3. fixing your bad habits and behaviours
  4. showing off your good qualities
  5. being an inspiration to others

You must always remember that no matter how small the number of people you lead, people will always look up to you.

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To read an article on “The Power Of Right Role Modelling: ‘Duck’ Or ‘Swan’?”, click here.


Roshan Thiran is passionate about creating great “swan” role models in Malaysia through leadership development. If you would like to speak to our fellow Corporate Services team on how we can help your organisation, email us at training@leaderonomics.com. To know more about what Leaderonomics do as a social enterprise, check out www.leaderonomics.org. For our other Raise Your Game podcasts, click here.

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