7 Mindsets Of CEOs From A To F

Dec 02, 2013 1 Min Read

What makes CEOs different that they are able to lead people and entire organisations? How do they think and what do they think about on a day-to-day basis?

I collected insights from CEOs of Standard Chartered Bank markets around the world: Osman Morad (CEO, Malaysia), Hassan Jarrar (CEO, Bahrain), Ahmad Abueideh (CEO, Jordan).

They have travelled extensively and have had to put in many years of banking experiencing before reaching the position of CEO of a multi-national corporation. Here is a list of seven mindsets CEOs have:

1. Action-oriented

Credible CEOs don’t just talk; they walk the talk and are geared towards taking action, not only planning and preparing. They also have a strong track record to back them.

2. Big picture-minded

Like an eagle, CEOs swoop and soar. They swoop when they get involved in supporting from the ground level. They soar when they see things from a bird’s eye view. Good CEOs know how to do both and not get stuck in small issues.

3. Clarity

Osman says that it is not about having the confidence to be a CEO, but having conviction and clarity about your role and the organisation you represent.

4. Decision-making

Good CEOs understand that when a decision has to be made, they are responsible and accountable for their decision. They don’t procrastinate on making decisions either. Hassan adds that there are also long-term implications of decisions to consider.

5. Engage

Every meeting is an opportunity to engage with someone on a professional or personal level. CEOs connect with people whenever they can, wherever they are.

6. Focus

The best CEOs have extreme focus. When they think about achieving an objective, they do not sway from their target. Ahmad believes that “having a laser focus will keep you on the path of success”.

7. Growth

Effective CEOs have a growth mindset. They may be in the top management level, but good CEOs don’t stop asking questions. They always challenge the process and find ways to improve the work you do.

Jason Lee had the opportunity to participate in engagements with CEOs and business heads, as with graduates from 21 other countries as part of Standard Chartered Bank’s International Graduate Programme in Kuala Lumpur. If you would like to engage with Lee, you can connect with him at @jasonleecj on Twitter. Click here for more articles.

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