5 Top Postgrad Degrees Based on ROI

Sep 27, 2023 6 Min Read

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When considering postgraduate education, it's crucial to think about the long-term benefits of your degree.

When deliberating on which postgraduate degree is best, there are various factors to consider: how the degree will impact your career path, your passion for the area of study, and so much more. However, a logical way to set apart the top postgraduate degrees is by their Return on Investment (ROI). In this blog post, we will explore the top five postgraduate degrees that offer excellent ROI, taking into account factors like earning potential and job opportunities.

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1. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

As perhaps one of the most lucrative postgraduate degrees available at this time, the MBA is highly favoured by the ROI criteria. Not only does the degree equip graduates with a broad range of skills in areas such as leadership, finance, marketing, and management, but the degree itself states to employers that the recipient will be a vital asset to their business, regardless of their industry of business. 

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The MBA degree is also incredibly accessible due to the rise of online courses, allowing students, no matter their global or financial background, the chance to further their studies in business. Universities like UTS Online offer a comprehensive study period that covers both studious and practical applications of knowledge, making them excellent choices to break into an industry of choice.

ROI Factors:

  • Higher Earning Potential: Those with an MBA are more likely to see a substantial increase in salary once they have completed their qualification.
  • Career Advancement: Once an MBA has been obtained, more doors are likely to open to executive and leadership positions, allowing graduates to climb the corporate ladder faster.
  • Networking Opportunities: Just studying at a business school can grant students extensive networking opportunities, which can later lead to valuable connections and career opportunities.

2. Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS)

With the digital age firmly settling in, the demand for those with relevant skills continues to grow. Especially those who are experienced in the area of computer science, and are thus capable of working in most industries due to the necessity of essential software and hardware in operations. With a Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS), graduates can obtain the knowledge and expertise to excel in the ever-evolving tech industry.

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ROI Factors:

  • High Demand: There is no end in sight for the ever-growing tech industry, but there is a shortage of qualified professionals. That is why MSCS graduates are in high demand, leading to competitive salaries and shorter hiring processes.
  • Varied Career Paths: Flexibility and job security are all but guaranteed with an MSCS degree, which allows graduates to explore careers in software development, data science, artificial intelligence, and more.
  • Innovation: Graduates can experience cutting-edge innovation with an MSCS as the associated careers often work on leading projects and contribute to technological advancements.

3. Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

Within the healthcare field, it is the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) that offers both personal fulfilment for those invested in the wellbeing of others, and an excellent ROI. Those who have attained advanced degrees, such as nurse practitioners and nurse anaesthetists, are in high demand, and their services are crucial in today's healthcare landscape.

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ROI Factors:

  • Growing Demand: In recent times, the healthcare industry has experienced difficulty in finding healthcare providers to fill all necessary roles. Fortunately for those with an MSN, this high demand translates into competitive salaries and job security.
  • Autonomy and Responsibility: Those in advanced practice positions usually have a high degree of autonomy in their roles. For many, this chance at greater responsibility can be personally fulfilling.
  • Diverse Career Options: Once an MSN degree has been earned, graduates have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of specialties, allowing for a customised career path.

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4. Master of Engineering (MEng)

Engineering is perhaps the degree with some of the most versatile career choices available. Since engineers are almost always required to solve some of the world's most pressing challenges, whether it is climate change or infrastructure development, a Master of Engineering (MEng) degree is highly revered by most employers.

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ROI Factors:

  • Global Demand: No matter the global position or industry in question, engineers are almost always in demand.
  • Sustainable Solutions: As the world focuses more on sustainability and innovation, engineers have become leadership material for fostering positive change in many industries.
  • Research Opportunities: Many MEng programs offer research opportunities that can lead to groundbreaking discoveries and patents.

Master of Public Health (MPH)

Healthcare is not the only area of study that has been affected in recent years. Now, more than ever, public health is a field that requires more hands on deck. Therefore, a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree is relevant to the modern economy, as it equips graduates with the skills needed to address public health challenges and improve the well-being of communities.

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ROI Factors:

  • Social Impact: The field of public health is one that focuses on facilitating a positive impact on society. Thus, MPH graduates often find themselves working on initiatives that directly aid in these efforts, which can be personally rewarding.
  • Career Diversity: There are plenty of career paths to pursue with an MPH, including government agencies, healthcare organisations, non-profits, and academia.
  • Epidemiology and Research: MPH programs often include epidemiology and research components, which can lead to roles in data analysis and health policy development.

When considering postgraduate education, it's crucial to think about the long-term benefits of your degree. The best means of determining this is through each degree’s ROI. The five postgraduate degrees discussed in this blog post offer exceptional ROI, with the potential for high earning potential, job security, personal fulfilment, and the opportunity to make a positive impact on society. Ultimately, the best postgraduate degree for you will depend on your interests, career goals, and values, but these options are a promising starting point for those seeking both professional and financial success.

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