The Best Teaching Programs for First-Time Teachers

Sep 08, 2022 6 Min Read

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First-time teachers can nurture the leadership in their students!

The importance of education can’t be over-emphasised. Most importantly, we can’t underestimate the value of good teachers. Contrary to common beliefs, a good teacher is not born but made. The most effective teachers are a product of passion, mentorship, and exemplary education opportunities.

First-time teachers require all the help they can get, especially when honing their leadership, problem-solving, student engagement, and relational skills, to conduct a learning session successfully.

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Plenty of educational institutions offer learning opportunities but finding one that goes the extra mile to develop other essential classroom skills makes a big difference. So, here are the top options you should consider if you want an all-around learning experience in a teaching program.

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Bachelors In Teaching Programs, Purdue University

Purdue University is among the most reputable institutions that offer multiple bachelor’s degree programs in education for new teachers. With seventeen teachers programs to pick from, educators have an option to pick a program that suits their interests.

Learners with bachelor’s degrees in other fields looking to diversify into education and have already been working in other careers have an array of options to help them gain teaching licenses. They have to go through a transcript evaluation and assessment of their credentials to determine additional requirements they need to acquire an alternative teaching certificate.

Teachers Education Program, City University Of New York

The City University of New York offers various education programs, including certificate and graduate programs. The university has been running for 175 years, making it among the most invaluable education institutions in the U.S. Over time, these education programs have evolved from traditional methods of imparting knowledge to skill-based approaches.

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Students receive rigorous training and supporting materials to help them master the art of being an educator and a leader in a school setting. Applicants can send their applications to the school for the CUNY teacher education program they want to enrol in.

Teachers Training Certificate, Boston Global Institute

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced educator, this teacher training program lets you pick a suitable option for your needs. For example, the ESL/EFL certification program is designed to help new teachers understand and cultivate their engagement skills with learners.

Creative instruction and active engagement are the most valuable skills necessary to help students grasp the content, which is what the university centres on. Aside from the theoretical learning aspect, educators go through teaching methodology and classroom practice to improve content grasp and hone their teaching skills.

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The school’s curriculum is driven by the Common European FrameWork, which allows the university to choose the relevant framework that suits students’ needs. CEFR also encourages upcoming international educators to grasp language skills while focusing on areas that will improve and achieve their goals.

Art Education Program, Montserrat College Of Art

Sketching, drawing, and painting in your garage shouldn’t be the end of your artistic legacy, and we’re glad there’s a school that believes in that. You have an option of becoming a certified art teacher if you already have experience in artistry.

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Moving to a new niche requires in-depth mastery of content. The college offers a comprehensive curriculum covering psychology and child development, special needs and differentiated learning strategies, and traditional and current materials used in art education, among other units.

This program centres on helping art educators develop their students’ artistic capabilities in and out of a school setting.

Teaching Assistant Certificate, Hudson Valley Community College

A less conventional route to joining a classroom is starting as a teaching assistant. Primarily, an assistant’s work is to offer instructions to learners, but under the scrutiny of a licensed teacher. Participants can choose to complete the program in a private or public school, depending on their career path.

This teaching certificate program is among the most versatile in the country since you can do it online, in-person, or integrate both options in your learning curve. Most teaching assistants require certification before taking over an educator’s duties, and this program lets you enjoy these benefits effortlessly.

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As a bonus, this is the easiest and fastest way to get you into a classroom through modern-day apprenticeship, and you can apply coursework in your Early Childhood A.A.S program when you want to upgrade to the next level.

Nail Technician Instructor, Tooele Applied Technology College

Becoming a teacher is not a reserve for people who have gone through years of education and would want to teach elementary or high school. You can begin your journey as an educator if you have enough mastery of nail art decoration.

Through this program, you can transfer your knowledge as a nail art technician to the next generation of beauticians. This in-person instructional program teaches you how to create learning and instructional material, understand different learning styles, and cultivate effective communication, among other skills.

Teacher Engineering Education Program, Tufts University

Not all teachers want to teach English or humanities. Others want to take on more complicated subjects like engineering. This TUFTS University program is for you if you are among the aspiring teachers who would love to inspire the next generation of problem solvers.

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The eighteen months program delves you into an in-depth learning curve to equip you to become a reliable engineering educator. However, this program isn’t necessarily for a first-time teacher. Rather, it’s a reserve of practising educators who want to diversify to a different angle within the same career.

This is a great program to consider if you have recently graduated and would like to take a different approach to education. Thankfully, you learn an array of skills to understand how to teach different kinds of students in varying grades.

To Wrap Up

Arguably, a bachelor’s degree in teaching is the perfect route to use when joining the education niche. However, other teaching programs offer an equally effective experience, with more hands-on learning. These offer quality sessions considering that they do not enrol tens of thousands of students, allowing first-time teachers to get more contact time with their instructors, which yields better results. And they focus on particular niches, making them even more effective than broad-spectrum education certificates.

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