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Jun 09, 2014 1 Min Read

For ambitious and determined individuals looking to fast-track their career in the business world, the executive aide-de-camp (EADC) role could be an ideal place to start.

Introduced by security company Chico Force, one of the leading professional security corporations in Malaysia, EADCs function as a super assistant to top business leaders.

At first glance, they would seem no different to traditional personal assistant roles. Their responsibilities encompass facilitating the business affairs of the high net worth individuals they support (referred to as their “principal”), with duties such as organising and attending meetings.

But capable as they are to support their principal in their work, EADCs are also trained to look after the personal security of their principal. Beyond training in etiquette and other soft skills, EADC training incorporates elements of firearm handling and safety, defensive driving and any other skills required by the client.

“All business leaders would like an EADC by their side, and for the EADC, this is an ideal way to learn the ins and outs of the business world, gain new skills and form career-benefiting networks,” says Niho Khoo, head of the EADC project in Chico Force.

Given the unfamiliarity of the role, the public naturally have questions about what it means to be an EADC, and Khoo answers them below.

Q: Who is Chico Force?

Chico Force Sdn Bhd has been providing high quality security management services locally and overseas since 1990. Our clients include high-profile individuals, corporations and organisations, providing services for private/public as well as political functions.

Q: What type of individual would be ideal for the role?

We are looking for individuals with at least a degree from any field because EADCs must be able to carry themselves in the business world.

They must also be resilient and tough, with critical thinking skills and self-discipline to boot because they will be the eyes, ears, hands and legs of their principal. At the same time, they must be polished and have the charisma to form and build relationships.

Given the breadth of their duties, they must be all-rounders and be individuals who stand out from the crowd. Attitude is also paramount for the role. Bad attitude is unacceptable.

Q: Why is Chico Force introducing the EADC tole to Malaysia?

When people think about security, many traditional aspects such as guard and patrolling services may come to mind. But security is not just about those facets, important as they are.

“We protect your profits” is Chico Force’s motto, and the EADC role is in line with this mission. The role is a gap that we spot in the industry and something that our clients have already expressed interest in.

We want to take the lead in formalising the EADC occupation in Malaysia. The EADC role meets a need of top business leaders, and we want to be proactive in making this happen. We have been in the security industry for a long time and are committed to continuously introduce new solutions to improve this industry.

Q: Is it dangerous to be an EADC?

Every job comes with a degree of risk, but the important thing to recognise about the EADC role is that averting danger is a fundamental part of the role.

They are expected to be proactive and preventive, and this is the focus of their training. If a conflict situation does occur, then they will also have the skills to know how to respond to get themselves and their principal out of that situation. Their training will groom them to be individuals who are street smart, highly aware of their surroundings, and skilled in decision-making and leadership.

Q: Why is the EADC role regarded as a great career choice?

Given the nature of the responsibilities, we recommend the role to both graduates and young professionals. This is a great platform for young talented people who are interested in getting hands-on experience in the business world.

EADCs work with high net worth individuals on a day-to-day basis, and will be able to learn directly from these leaders. With the situations that EADCs will be exposed to and the networks and relationships they will be able to build, EADCs would be in prime position to venture on their own business after five to 10 years in the role.

We are also offering a starting pay that is far above market rate and the training will be comprehensive. They will receive increments as they grow in skills and experience.

Highly anticipated

“I was very excited when I was informed of this mission by Chico Force to train up EADCs. Besides being excited for my fellow CEOs and corporate leaders, I am also very happy about how this project will help provide a stable career path for our many young, energetic, and dynamic individuals. I am confident that it will be a much sought-after profession. I can see the potential and as president of Hua Zhong, I could definitely do with the Services of an EADC!” – TBhg Tan Sri Dato’ Pheng Yin Huah, president of Hua Zhong

“I certainly welcome this initiative by Chico Force to create the EADC. This venture portrays the growth of our security services industry and the importance of the business sector for the economy. Present-day needs of a corporate leader are multi-faceted, and we can soon look forward to being accompanied by an EADC – a ‘two-in-one’ personnel. And one CEO can hire more than one EADC, each specialising in specific tasks.” – YBhg Tan Sri Dato’ Tee Tiam Lee, managing director of Salcon Bhd

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