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Photo: Breakfast with CEO at Groupon Malaysia, with country GM Rafiq Razali


TalentCorp has designed a series of Semester Break Programmes to give Malaysian students – both local and abroad – an inside look at key sectors. These are run in conjunction with long semester breaks, and include:

  1. Industry Inside: takes students to visit and interact with industry players for basic level exposure to sectors including oil, gas and energy, biotechnology, and fast-moving consumer goods.
  2. Industry Bootcamp: an accelerated and more intensive version of “Industry Inside”, bootcamps incorporate tasks and challenges to give participants more hands-on experience in industries including financial services and electrical and electronics.
  3. Breakfast with CEO: targets those interested in getting insights from corporate and social leaders.

Collaborations and incubation of student-led projects

Programmes conceived and developed by students with support from TalentCorp, from a coaching perspective and sponsorship:

  1. Malaysian Public Policy Competition, Aug 22–24: A programme by the International Council of Malaysian Scholars and Associates, this annual competition seeks to get students involved in understanding policy issues and contributing ideas towards improving Malaysia.
  2. Medicine in Malaysia Conference, Aug 16–17: An inaugural conference by Malaysian Medics International established to encourage more medical students abroad to build linkages to Malaysia and understand the needs and future of Malaysia’s healthcare industry.
  3. Economic and Leadership Forum, Aug 9: A programme by Malaysian students at the London School of Economics that aims to provide some exposure to key economic issues to Malaysian students aged 16–20 years.

You can RSVP events at or check out the StudentsMY Facebook page at . For more functional articles, click HERE! 

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