Positive Effects of Mindfulness in the Workplace

Aug 24, 2020 1 Min Read
Mindfulness: The Art Of Focusing The Mind with Dr Sekar Jaganathan

In episode eight, Laura Yee talks to Dr Sekar Jaganathan about mindfulness and the positive effects it has in the workplace today. Dr Sekar is the Director of Digital Strategy at Kenanga Investment Bank, Advisor at ISG (Information Services Group), Honorary Advisor at CoE for Artificial Intelligence and Author of ‘Making Miracles for the Self: Inspiring You to Live RIGHT’.

The mind is like a hyperactive child. So in order to manage a hyperactive child, what you do is you just watch it.

Find out the possible drawbacks of practising mindfulness in the workplace and discover its benefits as Dr Sekar dives deep into the subject, providing simple exercising that will help train your mind to become more mindful. Dr. Sekar provides you with exercises that train you to become more mindful.

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