Gratitude Practice for Entrepreneurs

Jun 01, 2022 4 Min Read
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5 Journaling Prompts for Practicing Gratitude

I know how important it is to dedicate time to a Gratitude practice each and every day. Some days, I find it difficult to find inspiration for my practice. I recently sat down with Roberta Hughes, self-care expert and owner of PeaceFull Living. She offered this advice for entrepreneurs like me.

“I understand what if feels like to open your gratitude journal and feel completely uninspired. As I sit staring at the blank page, I can’t help but feel guilt creep into my heart. Then my brain chimes in with supportive thoughts like, You have so much to be grateful for… Still, the page sits blank and nothing comes to mind,” says Roberta. “I think there are many people who experience this very thing in their gratitude practice. It is quite normal.”

As an entrepreneur myself, I know how taxing the long days can be on our bodies, minds, and spirits. So I asked Roberta to share more about this.

She continued, “Even on the best days, the energy required to build a business is exponential. Then on the low days, you know the ones where all you can see is your infinite to-do list, it is easy to feel the weight of your workload crush your inspiration. These are the days when your gratitude practice is most needed, but also the days when you might feel the least inspired in your practice.”

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I asked Roberta to create some journaling prompts to help us all get through those low days.


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Here are five simple ideas to inspire your gratitude practice. Roberta created these prompts to shift your mindset from focusing on the weight of responsibility to recognising and celebrating the seeds of abundance that are sure to grow.

1. Make a list of all the prospects you have reached out to this month. Next to their name, write down one thing you are grateful for from your interaction with them.

2. Make a list of your current clients. Devote one page in your gratitude journal to each of your clients. In your gratitude practice, write down the things you are grateful for in the work you get to do with them.

3. Choose ten names from your email list. Write the names in your gratitude journal, then verbally say their names out loud. Follow their name with a statement of gratitude. For example, you might say something as simple as, “Sara Jones, thank you for subscribing to my email list.” You can take this one step further and send a personal email thanking each person for their support. A little gratitude will let your community know that they are seen and important to you. 

4. Look up customer reviews for your business on Google or social media. Make a list of the people who have posted positive reviews in the past month. Begin your day by sitting quietly and verbally thanking each person for the time they took to write a review. 

5. Make a list of the people who have helped your business grow in some way. This list may include friends who listened to your ideas, family members who have encouraged you, mentors who have offered support along the way, and vendors or consultants who have offered services and expertise. Next to each person’s name, write down what you appreciate about their contribution.

“While the road to building a business may sometimes feel like an isolated journey, your gratitude practice can easily yield the seeds of abundance when you narrow your lens and specifically offer gratitude for the people who support you,” shares Roberta.

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Challenge: pick one or two of Roberta's journaling prompts and get started today!

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