Gradmalaysia Graduate Recruitment Awards 2014

Aug 08, 2014 1 Min Read

Photo: (L-R) Roshan Thiran (CEO of Leaderonomics) with winners of the GRA 2013 for Best Innovation on Campus: Tan Kim Chuan (KPMG), Puan Mariani Mohd Nasir (CIMB), Hishamuddin Salleh (Maybank)


Back for the second year in a row, the gradmalaysia Graduate Recruitment Awards (GRA) has announced a new category to add to its existing three categories.

An initiative by GTI Media, the GRA recognises and applauds the excellence of recruiters who carve a niche for themselves in attracting and hiring graduates. This initiative is carried out through four categories of awards, where each one focuses on a specific element in the recruitment process.

The mechanics

Graduate employers from all sectors in Malaysia are eligible for this award. Organisations are not confined to participating in just one category. If an organisation qualifies for all four, they can submit an entry for all four categories.

All entries will be shortlisted and judged by a panel of impartial industry experts that comprises career advisors, work placement professionals and graduate recruitment media experts. Assessments will be made solely on the criteria set for each award.

How do I enter?
Organisations may enter all four categories if they wish, by providing detailed reasons and supporting material as to why it should win in that category.

The four award categories

1. Best Management Trainee/Graduate Programme
This award seeks to highlight the employer who offers the best management training and personal development opportunities for graduates.


  • Must display well-designed, well-planned and well-executed programmes beneficial to the participating individuals as well as the organisation
  • Positive feedback from previous participating graduates
  • Number of hours per week for “on-the-job” training and formal/professional training
  • Real business benefit and return on investment, including quantifiable results for both the business and/or graduates

2. Best Internship Experience
In search of the organisation providing internship programmes that meet its objectives and contributes to its marketing and attraction of undergraduates through recruitment programmes.


  • The programmes have to be innovative in terms of structure, implementation and execution.
  • The quality of work done by students and the quality of experience gained plays a vital part.
  • Testimonials from current or former interns are mandatory for this award (one intern per entry)
  • Contribution of the programme to marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Evidence of collaborations with career services, lecturers and/or work with appropriate third parties to create or evolve these programmes

3. Best Innovation On Campus
Recognising marketing innovation and the importance of employer brand presence on campus.


  • Emphasis is given on the originality of a concept, measures taken on planning and execution as well as, if it garnered positive response from the target audience, the students.
  • Evidence that the initiatives resulted in specific objectives being met (e.g. recruitment goals)

4. Best Social Media Usage (New entry for 2014)
Just as its name suggests, this award acknowledges the organisation which has best leveraged social media to achieve its career marketing and promotion campaigns objectives.


  • Innovation and creativity in design, planning and implementation of social media campaigns
  • Demonstrate how the campaign transitions between online and offline activities, drives traffic to the job site, with clear and measurable outcomes and indicators of success

gradmalaysia winners 2013

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