Should You Give Gifts to Your Employees? Why & How

Jun 01, 2022 1 Min Read
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Gift-giving can boost employees' performance!

Gifting has been a custom present among human beings for as long as we've been proven to exist. It is one of the basic thoughts in human behaviour, and apparently, a common one in today’s workplaces.
When you consider an appreciation gift for your employees, the main question that always comes up is

“Is it okay to give them gifts?”

Well, the answer to that is, of course,


This piece should help you decide whether you should give your employees, why, and how.

Why Give Gifts to Your Staff?

There are many reasons to give gifts to your employees. Perhaps the most obvious one is because employees are undoubtedly a company’s most crucial asset!
Besides this simple fact, other convincing reasons to consider giving employee gifts include to:

  • Help create a happier workplace
  • Build strong relationships amongst co-workers
  • Improve staff morale and motivation
  • Enhance employee productivity

With all these benefits in mind, it is safe to say that gifting employees is a win-win, both for the employer and staff. For instance, improved productivity will mean increased performance and a fatter bottom line.

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Alongside a happier workplace, better co-worker relationships will also help the company in attracting and retaining top talent.

What To Consider When Giving Gifts to Employees

Here are some tips on how to decide when to give gifts to your staff:

When should you give gifts to your employees?

The best time to give the gift may vary from one company to the other. Do you regularly give gifts to your staff on important occasions, like the birthdays of staff members? Or do you have a rule of giving gifts only to your most dedicated, senior, or most valued staff members?


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While gifts given to all your staff members would be beneficial, gifting just one person may not be the best choice because the others may feel neglected. However, it could also be beneficial if the gift was about rewarding your team member to congratulate them for a job well done or an achieved personal milestones like a wedding, graduation, or even retirement.

The gifts don't have to be expensive:

They can be a little token like a pen set, earphones, or a specific bottle of wine. If the idea is to add a personal touch, you could always give specific training courses or some equipment. Or even something like a high-resolution tablet.

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These are all things you could give as a gift if your budget allows it, but if the idea is to promote healthy relationships with your staff members, then you might have to think a little deeper about the best way to go.

Consider your staff's age:

The older the employees are, the more expensive they are to give. Let them choose what they wish for. The younger, or more experimental employees will generally be more satisfied with something simple.

Don't make it transactional:

Make it personal instead. It doesn’t have to feel as though you expect something in return just because you surprised your employee with a wonderful gift.

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Everyone is different:

So, take your time. You could even ask your staff about their preferred gifts, perhaps within a specified budget. Nonetheless, it is less about the amount you spend on the gift and more about thoughtfulness!

To sum it up,

Gifting your staff can have many positive outcomes! This is more so if you know how to go about it, from choosing the right gifts to staying within a safe budget.

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