Recruiting Talent Through The Internet

Oct 23, 2015 3 Min Read
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Companies that master the art and science of online recruiting will attract and keep the best people.

ORGANISATIONS are quickly finding their way into the booming Internet recruiting business. These days, leading employers are marketing jobs online, eager to capitalise on the Internet’s enormous power to spread information through informal networking.

In order to attract the right talent, these companies are putting digital collaboration at the heart of their hiring plans – keenly aware that in the next five to 10 years, the Gen Z will be hitting the workforce in large numbers.

This emerging generation of hyper-connected, tech-savvy young people will most likely be tapped through Internet-based hiring processes.

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According to the Harvard Business Review, the trend for employers to market jobs online will be the biggest, most radical change in the war for talent. It serves employers to learn how to win the best employees and gain market share.

If you are interested to learn how your company can promote itself cheaply and effectively in the virtual job market, then a session with one of the foremost consultants on graduate recruitment issues, Adam Shay, might be the thing for you.

Shay leads Alexander Mann Solutions’ global consulting services functions, a 100+ strong team of consultants with deep subject matter expertise in employer brand, assessment, diversity, career transition and graduate services.

Adam Shay:

I’ve spent my career trying to help organisations build emotional connections with current and future employees; to help them attract and engage top talent that have a lasting effect on the bottom line.

He will be speaking in Kuala Lumpur on November 12 at the Malaysia’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers Conference.

In this keynote presentation, Shay will touch on some key topics facing graduate recruitment professionals as they adapt to a digital world where the line between corporate and employer brand is blurring and tech-savvy students are taking a “digital DIY” approach to engaging with your brand.

Key topics will include:

  • Truly experiential marketing – learnings from the consumer world
  • Editorial style content generation for the socially enabled world
  • Using the assessment and selection process as an engagement tool
  • Turning onboarding into a collegiate experience

This event is for you if you would like to help your company drive a digitally-enabled candidate experience.

Malaysia’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers Conference 2015 will take place on November 12 at One World Hotel, Bandar Utama. is an advertisement free website. Your continuous support and trust in us allows us to curate, deliver and upkeep the maintenance of our website. When you support us, you allow millions to continue reading for free on our website. Will you give today? Click here to support us.

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