The Power of Bringing People Back Together

Feb 21, 2022 7 Min Read
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Bringing people back together = Dynamic energy

There is nothing quite like the dynamic energy of bringing people together for a purpose. We’re not referring to typical company meetings with repetitive agendas and tired discussions. No, instead, we’re talking about bringing diverse groups of people together for inspiring new ideas, vibrant conversations and knowledge sharing.

In the past year, companies have been thrust into new ways of working which, for many, have led to new-found processes and work cultures. Geographical barriers have been knocked down by remote working and technology, but in its place, we now find silos, poorer relationships and less synergy across teams. Based on this study, employees spent 25% less time collaborating across groups and with new connections as a result of firm-wide switch to remote working. This can dampen creative thinking and the exchange of ideas when it comes to problem-solving. 

With most workers preferring more flexible work arrangements going forward, fully reverting back to the office is unlikely for many office-based businesses. But what does this mean for team spirit and productivity in the workplace? Companies are looking to the hybrid work model as the answer to strike the right virtual-physical balance. 

Bringing businesses back together matters when it comes to building client relationships and driving business growth. Similarly in remote working teams, bringing your people back together every once in a while can go a long way in nurturing camaraderie, better collaboration and a greater sense of purpose in your organisational mission. This is why business travel will remain important and TruTrip is on a mission to make travel management simpler.

In today's fast-paced digital world, where virtual meetings and remote work have become the norm, the significance of face-to-face interactions often gets overlooked. However, there's an undeniable magic and power in bringing people back together in a physical space. Genuine laughter, the warmth of a hug, or even the simple act of sharing a meal can reignite bonds and foster a sense of unity that virtual platforms can't replicate. Planning such reunions or get-togethers can be made easier with platforms that offer deals and experiences. For instance, using a klook promo code can provide affordable options for activities and travel, ensuring that reconnection doesn't break the bank. In essence, as the world navigates the new normal, it's essential to remember and cherish the profound impact of genuine human connection.

If you are not yet convinced, here are 4 compelling reasons why bringing people together can be so powerful.

1) Encourage collaboration and productivity

In recent months, when in-person collaboration has been difficult and even impossible, managers have found it difficult to keep their team members engaged and motivated. Many employees have been remote working and have felt that they are mere ‘cogs in the corporate machine’. 

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Being able to meet colleagues in person makes a huge difference as you become a person rather than just a name. Face to face brings more depth to discussions and it is easier to expand on conversations about certain aspects and explore the topic more widely. Individuals get a greater sense of connection and contribution, a feeling that their ideas and solutions really count.

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Plus, meeting in-person presents opportunities for small talk which can help you find common interests and get to know others on a more personal level. On top of sparking collaboration and creativity, small talk facilitates the transition to more serious topics like performance reviews, negotiations and sales pitches. 

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This will also ease the transition from working remotely with a limited time frame to connecting physically & conveniently due to immediate work milieu/space. Furthermore, it is also corroborated that encouraging small-talk/bonding within a community can help you strive easier towards your common goal (in business & general). This can aid in smoother interaction between multiple divisions in a big project, reduce the awkwardness & form a more meaningful and harmonious relationship. There will be a system in place so things will not go off-tangent all the time.

2) Boosts employee morale and sense of purpose

58% of employees are rethinking work-life balance during the pandemic, according to this report by Bain & Co. With the longevity of traditional employment now in question, employees need a stronger sense of belonging to remain united through communal values and shared vision. 

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Having a shared workspace is not an infallible way to boost morale, especially when many employees have come to appreciate the benefits of work from home arrangements. However, colleagues coming together every once in a while for purposeful meet ups can be a huge motivating factor with 70% of employees defining their sense of purpose through work

Meetups can range from company updates and briefings, skills training, performance reviews to team building and social events. It can be tricky for business leaders to decide when to gather physically but the correlation drawn between business goals and the complexity of achieving them provides a helpful framework. 

Gathering for work can bring greater work satisfaction and help team members feel much more valued. Communication is so much easier face-to-face and if you spot a colleague who is struggling, your input can be instant and time-saving. It is easier to be candid and open about common work stresses. Talking through problems with someone who understands can alleviate the burden and help you and your colleagues see they aren’t alone in facing challenges.

3) Borderless workforce as company culture

Remote working can be great for companies - your talent pool is unlimited by the confines of geographical location. There may be time zone differences to take into account, but other than that technology can help employees get the job done no matter where they are.

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But hiring a culturally diverse workforce is not without its challenges, especially in larger multinational companies. At a very basic level, this report by SHRM Foundation explains that culturally appropriate communication and non-verbal business etiquette are essential to success in running international teams or engaging in negotiations with foreign firms. 

Worker norms and expectations can vary greatly across cultures, and is only further accentuated when the only interaction happens through team video calls. By now, we’ve all experienced how disruptive choppy internet connections can be when trying to have a conversation and establish genuine relationships.

Quarterly team meet ups at a unique destination or company retreats can be a great way to build a multicultural staff. Bringing them together occasionally for a well-planned team building event or business meetings can be an attractive part of your company culture and foster healthy work relationships in a remote workforce.

4) Business travel as a competitive edge

Your company’s travel culture can give you a competitive advantage over your peers with 47% seeing significant improvements in profitability. Being in the same room with a client or stakeholder just elevates the quality of your business meeting and sets the foundation right for a long-term relationship. It is not simply about getting the job done, but making the time commitment and putting in extra effort to stand out.

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While the pandemic has seen many companies rethinking their business travel programme, the comeback of business travel will be spurred on mainly by those travelling to cultivate important client relationships. Small medium enterprises (SMEs) are expected to travel at a faster rate than larger companies since they are less likely to be subjected to lengthy approval processes.

Bring your people back together with TruTrip

The hybrid work model is here to stay, but the occasional team meet-up has a lot to offer. While you embrace going digital and remote, it is worth thinking about purpose-driven meetups that deliver great value. The spark of coming together in one place and sharing in an experience is powerful in more ways than one. Get your team motivated, aligned with your company goals, foster vibrant company culture and build more genuine business relationships with other partners. 

In 2022, business travel is not just for better client relationships. Embrace your new way of working by bringing your team together when it matters most. At TruTrip, we think traveller-first to take care of your end-to-end business travel needs. Book a demo or sign up for a free trial at to find out more.  

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