Why Giving Back Makes You A Better Business Leader

Oct 04, 2021 1 Min Read
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Leading By Example

Giving back to the community is one of the most important ways we can show our teams, and those in the community, what they mean to us. It’s about building relationships, having respect for the place we live, making improvements to other people’s lives and taking care of others. Getting involved in charitable activities brings leaders closer together with their teams. Connection with local communities run deep within our culture, and a good leader should be passionate about delivering meaningful responses to the needs of worthwhile causes. It’s important for others in the community to help influence the community to thrive and provide a support system to those who really need it.  

‘People’ are the reason to do everything. Giving back is not just about what the business can do for the community, but it’s also about how you can inspire to support, guide, train and benefit the people that work with you.

Aligning with our core values

If we create a giving presence, we immediately attract good will and good people. Being a good human being is just as important in business as it is in your personal life. It shows the world that you have good intentions and are doing the right thing as a team for your clients and community, and that you take care of people. It builds trust in the community, and within your company.  

Running events that teams feel strongly about promotes engagement and a sense of spirit. Living by core values should be reflected in your actions and should lead you to achieving your vision and mission effectively through daily or weekly focus. Bringing them to life gives them meaning and they truly become a part of your business philosophy, representing who you are, what you stand for and where you’re going. The community will recognise this, and your teams will see that you understand what is best for them, for the business and for the community.

Why do it?

Find an organisation that will make an impact; strengthen relationships, build your abilities to support others, and assist you in promoting your charitable needs. In our business, we created a foundation that would benefit the community where we immediately live, as well as for teams and team members.  Engaging in this way gives your teams and business a higher sense of purpose, other than just being in it for ‘ourselves’. If we can give back, we should. It improves a sense of responsibility, makes us fulfilled as human beings and widens our prospective for life and business. Stepping outside our own ‘importance’ (although of course it’s important to practice self-care and love) and focusing on making sure others around you are ‘ok’, tells your clients, your family, and friends you want to better the lives of those who might not be in a position to do so themselves.

I remember one of my high-performing team members sent me an email, objecting strongly to being asked to be involved in an event we were running, stating, “I do my own charity and help where I can, so I should be exempt…” In this situation, you have to decide what to do as a leader. As I believed participation in these activities is part of the culture of the business, and part of the package of being a team member, I had to stand my ground. I told her it is great to do things on the side, but it’s an important part of the business message to help and that I wanted her to be involved. She was a little upset, but I talked to her a couple of years later and she understood why I did that and appreciated and acknowledged that was the right thing as a leader.

Mostly, people are inspired in our company to be involved, as the majority consider our philosophy to contribute back to the community a worthwhile way of life. They see the positive impact firsthand, as their kids go to the schools we contribute to, or they have friends and families who are in a small and helpful way impacted by our incentives. At the end of the day, we are making a very positive contribution to the community where our kids grow and become part of the community themselves.

Supplementary reading:

Finding meaning

Becoming involved in community support brings many new and amazing people to your doorstep. Those people will be carers. There is so much negativity going on around the world, if you can add hope and inspire others to do better by giving back it will be remembered for a lifetime and most importantly it will fill you with gratitude and inner peace. Working on something which benefits the wider community and helps people to see beyond themselves broadens your mind and what you think is possible for you and your business.

In times of fear and strain, leading others by providing your skills, connections, time, energy, and focus, you can not only lead by example, but you will create and motivate others to becoming leaders by helping them become involved in work with a purpose. I have spent many years inspiring people around me through:
·      social media,
·      on the ground conversations,
·      getting involved in some way in every charitable activity we have been involved in, and
·      promoting inspiring stories or books that capture my attention on how to do better, be better and provide better.

As a result of the above, at least three very important big businesses have had meetings with myself and my teams to see how they can start their own organisational charities. Additionally, 30-40 different business have contributed to raise funds for our initiatives.

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Inspire-be inspired

Business leaders have a unique opportunity to truly make a difference in the world around them and to the lives of others. I’m able to impact and position our company in a separate light rather than just Real Estate. Giving helps you grow as a person, gives you knowledge and awareness and widens your perspective. To give back is truly the greatest gift of all to receive. Community assistance is vital, and it is our hope that other businesses join the effort to give back and make a difference where it is most needed.

The greatest inspiration for in my life, is my mother, a woman of great knowledge and wisdom. She taught me to always stay humble and be grateful for everything in life, treat everyone with love and respect, listen more that you talk, always stand by the people who stand by you, and above all, give back.

Like our author, there are many other phenomenal leaders who despite challenges make a difference. Watch Lisa Wong, Transformation Coach at Opeaklife and Mindvalley catch up with Roshan Thiran, Founder and CEO of Leaderonomics, former Director at General Electric, Johnson & Johnson and Star Media Group to discuss his leadership style and his vision. Be inspired!

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