Top 10 Ways To Stand Out At Work

May 31, 2013 1 Min Read

Let the ideas and suggestions flow.

Start with your own job and you can suggest ways to do it more efficiently. Even if your manager balks at it, keep making suggestions wherever you can. It shows initiative.

Be a leader in meetings.

In every meeting, there are leaders and followers. Leaders always make high level contributions. Management always takes notice of the contributors as they tend to provide suggestions that can take the company to greater heights.

Do MORE than what your job requires.

For example, if you work in customer service and someone needs help, go beyond offering “standard help.” Go beyond your duties to ensure that the customer is satisfied. Customers like to commend companies on great service and your manager will be hearing about the excellent job you are doing.

Be the “go to” person.

Being helpful goes a long way especially in building rapport with your colleagues and manager. You may also gain new skills along the way in areas outside your job.

Be proactive!

It is always better to factor in problems that may arise with future plans. Think of suggestions to solve these problems so that in the eventuality they arise, you will be able to wow everyone with your foresight and provide a solution to the problem.

Play a role in committees.

Join a safety committee or a club in your company where you can contribute significantly. These can be special interests or skills that are not prominent in your day job. Being an outstanding employee includes having a variety of skills that will be make you indispensable to the organisation.

Be an initiator.

Take the initiative to help out with the cleaning up after the office party or help plan the annual day out. Your initiative is always appreciated within the company and it will reflect your positive attitude.

Dress the part.

This is probably the easiest way to get noticed in the workplace. When you dress the part, you feel it. The confidence you project will make you a natural leader.

Be a team leader.

This is an opportunity to stand out and impress your bosses with your leadership skills and ideas. Being a leader gives you the opportunity to transform your ideas into reality and get noticed as a person who can get things done well.

Never bad-mouth the company you work with.

This may not only result in your downfall as news spread fast, but will generally demotivate you as a person. Thoughts transform into actions and if you have negative thoughts about your company, there’s very little good that can come out of the situation. Instead, be inspirational and optimistic.

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