4 Ways Shipping Containers Expand Your Business Space

Aug 26, 2022 6 Min Read

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Maximise your business space in the best way possible!

Shipping containers have become excessively common in today's business world. Most business owners are transitioning from building premises from scratch to these containers. Many people knew them previously as good storage, but they are now being used to expand business spaces.

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Some of the reasons why they have become common are their flexibility, sustainability, and uniqueness. Setting up a shipping container takes less time and hassle than conventional offices. You only need to get units made according to your specifications and assemble them to get a new office space.

The entire process of getting the container and assembly doesn't disrupt the ongoing business, unlike building a new office from scratch in the traditional way. It is an eco-friendly way of setting up a business since there's little waste released to the environment.

Another thing is that you can design and customise a container how you want to make it more modern and attractive. This is a great way to attract prospective clients and customers to your business. You can learn more about these shipping containers by visiting renowned websites that sell them.

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As a business owner, you'd want to maximise your business space in the best way possible. Here are some ways in which shipping containers expand your business space:

1. You Can Use Them As Temporary Offices

It may occur that your business has grown to a level where you want to expand to another location. Since you're probably unaware of the area’s security and if the place is suitable for you and your employees, building a permanent office may not be advisable. Thus, you can get a shipping container and convert it into an office. 

The good thing about using these containers is that you can transform how they look by adding windows and doors, partitioning the walls, and even doing electrical wiring. Afterwards, you can place the office desks, monitors, and chairs and create a typical and complete office space. Surprisingly, you can easily forget that you're in a container after redesigning the inside to look like a literal building.

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Apart from expanding into another location, this option is also good if you have more employees and want them to work where you're situated. Instead of purchasing more land and starting building offices the traditional way, consider going for the better option of using a shipping container.

Such an office is portable. Therefore, if anything happens and you feel like you'd want to shift to another environment, you can contact relevant transport companies to ship the container to your desired location.

2. You Can Use Them To Store Items

You may have a business premise but lack enough space to store your inventory. This shouldn't be a big bother since a shipping container can be a solution to your storage problem. Whether you're looking for new units or opting for cost-effective used options, selecting the right type of container is crucial for effective storage. If, for example, your business involves making deliveries or supplying goods, it's essential to have a stable place to sort the stock and take proper inventory of the goods acquired and dispatched.

A shipping container can help you achieve this and ensure that you're making your business deals with proper organisation, thus minimising confusion. Moreover, you can have different types of stock all in one place. This is more effective, time-saving, and cost-effective than storing goods in other locations. It makes it easier to access all that you need anytime. You can also easily tell if your stock is almost finished and add more goods.

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Additionally, you can buy goods in bulk and store them for delivery. This differs from getting an order and purchasing one product at a time, which seems more costly and time-consuming, especially if you get many requests within a short span. As long as you know what you sell, it would be best to buy many of them at once and keep them.

Also, you don't need to worry about supplying perishables like vegetables and meat. You can go for a refrigerated shipping container that has been custom-made to store such products in favourable temperatures. Thus, the chances of them going bad are very low.

3. They Can Act As Mobile Restaurants

You may have been using a food cart for the longest time to sell snacks or food to your clients. However, a vending cart isn't made to resist harsh weather conditions. Thus, you may be affected if the weather is cold or rainy.

Moreover, your customers have to stand when eating whatever they've purchased if there are no sitting areas around where you're selling. Therefore, if you feel like you want to grow and expand your business, you can decide to choose a container to act as a restaurant.

This option would be the best because it's made to withstand harsh weather conditions. Moreover, it's durable, and if you want to maintain mobility, you don't have to remove it from the trailer. That way, you can design it to look like an appealing restaurant, add chairs and tables, cook food, and set it strategically where you can easily access customers. Thus, they can come to the mobile restaurant, have their meals, and then go on with their business as usual.

Expanding to a shipping container restaurant from a cart is good since you already have an established client base. After you're done selling at one place, you can move to the next location where you know you’ll get your customers. 

You can develop more ideas to help your business expand by having a mobile restaurant. Examples include selling food at events and festivals. The advantage of such a restaurant is that you can open and close it anytime.

4. You Can Stack Them To Make More Hotel Rooms

If you're in the hotel industry and don't have as much space to expand by building more hotel rooms or an Airbnb from scratch, you can stack shipping containers on each other to create space. This uses less space than placing them side by side. After that, you can hire professionals to work on the interior to make a good Airbnb or hotel room.

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They can add windows, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, a living space, a gym, a closet, a spiral staircase, and other rooms in less than six shipping containers stacked together. Thus, this is an excellent way to expand your business space.


As a business owner, you don't have to build a conventional business premise using bricks or stones when expanding. You can go for shipping containers that'll help serve the purpose that you so desire. For instance, these containers can serve as additional offices, hotel rooms, and storage spaces. Try this cost-effective and reliable option for expanding your business today!

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