The Super Mario Effect | Psychology of Learning

Sep 23, 2021 63 Min Video
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Understanding the Effects of Gamification in the Workplace

"Okay that sucked, but what did we learn from that?" Mark Rober, YouTube star and former NASA engineer's basic coding challenge continues to prove that we can actually trick our brain to learn more than we would otherwise. If gamification is the way to go, to learn and grow., what's stopping us from scaling it big-time? Arun Nagarajah, Co-Founder and CEO of eVULX International and Bob Lim, Product Development Partner at eVULX International discuss the impact of gamification in the workplace. Join Roshan Thiran and Andrea Chew as they engage in this fun and exciting conversation.

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Psyched is hosted by Roshan Thiran, Founder and CEO of Leaderonomics and Andrea Chew, Psychology Graduate and Marketing Strategist at Leaderonomics. The show is brought to you by Budaya, a service solution that aids, guides and transform organisations to elevate their employee experience strategies and plans.

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Matthew Adam is a content creator and producer for Leaderonomics. He is also a psychology graduate who is very passionate about music and chocolate. In his free time, he compiles very detailed Spotify playlists while eating plain milk chocolate.

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