What Role Does a Multi-cloud Developer Data Platform Play in Business Success?

Oct 17, 2023 5 Min Read

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"Collaboration breeds innovation and, at the end of the day, profitability."

Success in business often relies on its management’s ability to capitalise on burgeoning technologies and the opportunities that come with this. With the right investment, you can jumpstart innovation and find better ways to operate your company.

PR News Wire has shared data on global enterprises, revealing that 98% of those using the public cloud have adopted a multi-cloud infrastructure and strategy. This has trickled over to another growing technology, the developer data platform. As more businesses adopt the multi-cloud developer data platform, it’s worth getting into what makes it so promising for organisations in the first place.

What is a Multi-Cloud Developer Data Platform?

A developer data platform is basically an infrastructure slash toolset that is built with developers’ needs in mind. Just as with any data platform, the purpose is to allow organisations to scale and digitalise with ease by providing a platform for data integration, storage, and streamlined development. Where it elevates itself is in its ability to “defragment” the developer experience.

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Basically, different developers are able to work on collaborative projects without the worry of contradicting the existing framework that they share. For those in upper management, this also means better value for both time and money. Many developers try MongoDB Atlas products because of its simplified and accessible structure that still offers robust features to create consistency. It’s a fully managed service, so organisations need not concern themselves with cloud management and cluster infrastructure regardless of the workload they intend to execute. There are plenty of ways that this type of multi-cloud developer data platform plays a huge role in business success, which are broken down below.

Saving on Costs: The Optimised Path

The number one killer of businesses today remains cash flow issues. Hence, executives must prioritise solutions that are able to optimise resources. With a developer data platform, you can cut down on costs significantly without sacrificing productivity. If anything, you potentially improve output while reducing the resources required for development teams to adequately manage and manipulate data.

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These platforms are built for scalability and serverless architectures, so those costs immediately get slashed while enabling your business to have the resources necessary for whatever workload you may have. As it is managed, your own IT resources can instead focus on direct development duties instead of wasting time and money on fixing issues with environments.

Improving Security: The Breach-Proof Design

61% of small businesses are targeted by cyberattacks. In 2023, there are around 2,200 cyberattacks every day. The loss of productivity, brand perception, and sensitive data is too high of a risk for businesses. Hence, having a multi-cloud developer data platform can be helpful if only to improve the integrity of your model.

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After all, it’s much better to prevent an attack altogether instead of trying to recover after the fact. Although it’s still important for users to be well-versed in good cyber practices, managers have peace of mind that data and development are inherently more protected because of encryption, exclusive access control with isolation and filtering, and constant updates. This type of platform is also easier to assess for vulnerabilities.

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Increased Flexibility: The Agile Performer

Agility is a key ingredient for businesses to not only survive but thrive. The Leaderonomics’ editorial on why data matters stresses the importance of keeping development alive. Big data and analytics require businesses to be flexible and able to innovate in the long run. This requires a means to feasibly and consistently develop new endeavours and collect data for informed decisions.

With a multi-cloud developer data platform, you can apply the system to different use cases and rest assured that its resources can scale globally. Whether it’s to create data models or build applications, the simplified infrastructure is built to handle all manner of queries, languages, and data requirements - offering resilience over complacency.

Streamlining Development: The Collaborator’s Playground

Collaboration breeds innovation and, at the end of the day, profitability. In the rapidly changing landscape of modern business, this entails maximising technologies to merge how we interact with data. The less fragmented the experience, the better you can tackle business goals and development objectives.

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This is the same strength being pushed by Smart Dubai as it rallies for blockchain technology. The true value of both technologies is how they enable trust between collaborators purely by providing secure multi-model support that makes way for better design. For businesses, this means actually being able to make use of data design to ensure success despite tumultuous times.

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