Pfizer: Leading By Example

Aug 21, 2015 1 Min Read


Enriching talents to work towards a healthier world

A global leader in the pharmaceutical industry, Pfizer is no doubt an established household name, renowned for its continuous efforts in creating a healthier world.

Every day, some 300 employees of Pfizer Malaysia – in eight offices throughout the country – commit themselves to advance wellness, improve the well-being of people and raise the health literacy of Malaysians.

True to its motto of “Working Together for a Healthier World”, Pfizer leads the field in the improvement of human life and the battle against diseases while engaging and caring for its employees and external parties.

This cooperative relationship involves various stakeholders outside the organisation such as patients, healthcare providers, government agencies and non-governmental organisations, and more importantly, their own band of passionate individuals who make up the company.

Pfizer is an organisation that values its talent and one that firmly believes that great people make a great company.

It is no surprise then that Pfizer was chosen one of Malaysia’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers.

P05_Pfizer infographic

Being a part of the Pfizer family

There is a big focus on nurturing diversity and inclusion for everyone. For Pfizerians, it is more than just a job.

“Career success means different things to different people,” says Beth McCormick, Pfizer’s vice-president of talent planning and inclusion.

“We guide employees to determine their own definition of success and then we provide the tools, programmes, environment and skills to help them realise those career goals,” she adds.

To achieve this, the company offers ample opportunities for growth and development. Through its Incubation Labs series, Pfizerians get to learn about available career options.

More than 70% of its management positions and all of its senior leadership positions are filled internally.

To ensure that their talent pool remains top-notch, Pfizer’s Education Assistance Programme offers access to trainings and courses for professional certificates, diplomas, degrees, masters and its equivalent. Such investment is vital in cultivating and upgrading employees’ knowledge and skill sets.

Pfizerians are encouraged to take ownership of their job, which leads to higher motivation, increased productivity and effective outcomes.

This “own it!” culture promotes a sense of belonging, trust and respect among fellow colleagues as they work collectively, setting Pfizer apart from its industry competitors.

Making the workplace a better place

Pfizer supports the Government’s initiative to increase women representation in leadership roles. There is an equal male-to-female ratio in Pfizer Malaysia’s senior leadership team while the overall workforce consists of 66% women employees.

Pfizer Malaysia was one of the first companies to implement the three-month maternity leave in 2006.

Other employee perks include subsidised gym memberships for employees to encourage a healthier lifestyle.

At Pfizer, it is not all about work and no play. Pfirst, its internal sports club – run by Pfizerians – actively cultivates employee engagement outside the work setting with fun activities like bowling, futsal, badminton and Muay Thai sessions to diving excursions and movie nights. The club is also responsible for the company’s annual dinners and family days.

A positive work environment is a big factor to a happy workforce. Pfizer adopts an open-office concept in an eco-friendly, green building. The open space encourages a more dynamic and flexible work environment, which allows an exchange of ideas and knowledge across all levels.

The office is also equipped with prayer rooms, vibrant social spaces, and even a lactation room.

All-rounded wellness

Pfizer is more than just a company that produces healthcare products and an ardent health advocate. It also strives to ensure that its workforce is fully equipped – be it on paper or in body and mind – to fulfil a common goal.

Pfizer puts its people first and recognises the importance of providing exceptional employee conditions as well as empowering, nurturing and developing talent throughout all levels.

Interested to learn more about the career opportunities offered at Pfizer? Check out or

P05_John of Pfizer
John McKendry, country manager of Pfizer Malaysia

“We believe the option of flexible work hours in Pfizer leads to better job performance and long-term career satisfaction. It is key for us to provide opportunity for career progression and flexibility in how colleagues can achieve their goals.”

Pfizerians making a difference

P05_SusanLeow of Pfizer
Leow (right) in her community work.

Pfizer’s commitment to making the world a healthier place goes far beyond the laboratory and the boardroom. The company believes in creating a positive impact in the community and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

This community promise has been validated with Pfizer being honoured recently by Frost & Sullivan as the CSR company of the year in community health.

Pfizerians are encouraged to volunteer for a host of community programmes, which allows them to contribute and give back to the local community.

Susan Leow, BT project manager of Pfizer Malaysia says, “In Pfizer, we are allowed to take time off during work days to volunteer for the CSR programmes initiated by the company.

“It was an eye opener for me. The thought of being able to serve the underprivileged community and help them identify their medical problems brings a lot of satisfaction! Although it was challenging and tiring, it was all worth it knowing that communities would benefit.”

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