Top 10 Reasons Mobile Tech Will Dominate The World

Apr 24, 2015 2 Min Read
mobile technology

Maybe yes, maybe no? You tell us!

A recent PwC study found that 81% of CEOs (chief executive officers) think that mobile technologies are strategically important for their business and therefore, plan to invest in smartphones, tablets, and other devices for their employees as well as create apps to support different functions.

The growing demands of the mobile industry has necessitated massive investment in new infrastructure and R&D (research and development).

CEOs need to develop a long-term technology strategy to keep informed about emerging technology, and to apply them internally, e.g. innovations in processes, for supply chain efficiencies, employee engagement; as well as externally, e.g. new business models and consumer reach.

On a related note, strategic human resources need to step up their efforts to attract, train and retain a workforce that can quickly adapt and capitalise on technological advancements in line with the organisation’s technology strategy.

From the remarkable way that toddlers (and their grannies) gravitate to iPads and navigate them like pros, to the affinity we share with our phones wherever we are, one might think we are all morphing into tech “geeks”. It so happened that the hysterically funny Big Bang Theory was playing in the background as I wrote this.

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We would like to invite you to weigh in on the benefits of having technology accompanying almost every second of our days.

Whether you have experienced the introduction of mobile technology that has brought windfall gains to your organisation, or uncovered opportunities that you would like to share for organisations, consumers and jobseekers, we would love to hear from you.

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