4 Ways A Master Business License Can Scale Your Business

Dec 21, 2022 6 Min Read

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"Your business name shows that you're doing business."

The opportunity to earn a lucrative income is, without a doubt, one of the most valuable commodities possessed by an individual who's in business. Business people, accordingly, are like car owners who drive their vehicles. The autonomy to decide how things should be done is sometimes why many individuals do business instead of working for someone.

Career opportunities in business generally provide more room for professional growth than other types of work. More income and professional respect come hand in hand with business ownership, along with other benefits. 

But before starting your business, you must go through the registration process. You need to register and get your business a legal personality to conduct or operate a profitable enterprise. The permit to operate is usually obtained from your state's licensing agencies or business regulatory authorities.

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The primary requirement you need to have before starting your business is a Master Business License. It's a legal document certifying your business' qualifications to start and operate an enterprise. It contains various information regarding your company, including the name of your firm, its address, the type of business, and its registration number. Your business license usually consists of a list of those permitted endeavours and transactions for your business to pursue, including all allowable transactions to engage in.

A Master Business License (MBL) is also called Business Name Registration (BNR).  The MBL being the old name, BNR is now the new term for your proof of business ownership. Most of the time, this document is prominently displayed within business premises and displayed for everyone to see.

Furthermore, the presence of your business registration certificate will remind you of your goals every time you see it. It's one of the road maps for your enterprise and a reminder to enhance the quality of your products and services by developing ingenious business procedures every day. It'll also deter you from doing activities that may jeopardise the integrity of your business, like engaging in illegal transactions.

That said, your business name registration certificate is one of the tools that'll scale up business activities and bring in more income for you. Aside from these, here are four ways a master business license can scale your business:

(1) It Is A Proof Of Doing Business

Your business name registration certificate proves that you have satisfied all regulatory requirements to conduct and engage in particular activities and business endeavours. Displaying it will give customers the assurance and confidence that they're dealing with a legitimate business. At the same time, it's for licensing officers to see proof of your regulatory compliance.

The absence of any proof of legitimate business authority will subject all your transactions to legal sanctions. All the people dealing with you will also suffer the same legal repercussions. To avoid being implicated, most customers and clients will avoid doing business with you if it's the case.

The blatant display of your proof of doing business will continuously boost consumer confidence in the legitimacy of your products and services. It's a way of drawing customers' attention to the kind of brand and the services you produce. One trusting customer will bring in more patrons to your business. More followers and consumers will boost production and engagement, boosting your overall business.

(2) It Establishes Connection With Customers

Customer impression lasts. It's why most business people emphasise making a lasting impression on first-time clients. Your business name is what you bring out to the world, the name you advertise so your target market will try your product. It's a tool where you'll have a chance to impress your customer and establish a good connection with your consumers.

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As launched and advertised, your name will entice customers, elicit comments from them, and cultivate loyalty among your target market. You'll then have a chance to grow your customer base by expanding into new markets, particularly those overseas. A good market connection will give you more opportunities to conduct more market studies to enhance production, leading to more income. It's a way of boosting revenue through developing client networks and more advertising.

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(3) It Helps Brand Recognition

You can have a head start on developing a brand identity by first registering the name of your company. You'll have the opportunity to examine whether the name you intend to use for your company is one of a kind. When registering your firm, you can verify that it doesn't resemble an already established business or trademark. It's to avoid legal issues such as unfair competition and other violations of patent and trademark provisions.

A unique business and brand name will ensure the exclusivity of customers or clients. Establishing your own niche in the market will contribute to the increase of patronage and income for your business. Your personalised business name will help your consumer recognise your brand. 

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Brand recognition is a promise of steady profit for your company. The more people come to recognise and appreciate your brand, the more possibility of increased consumers who'll deliver more income for you.

(4) It Encourages Business Relationship With Investors

A sound business will draw in more people interested in your business, especially the business growth they foresee. Some investors are always looking for profitable companies to stake their money and time. Your business name registration is one window where they'll have the chance to look into your business practices.

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Especially with start-up firms, there's not much business history they can refer to before gauging investment probability. But your business name will be a future investor's tool to look into the customers and other activities you've engaged with. The more investors you draw in to add to your investments means more capital to fire up your business production and operation activities.

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Your business name shows that you're doing business. It announces your earnest intention to deliver good products and services to your market. It's also proof of your legitimacy to stay in the industry and an assurance to your customers that you'll continue improving your brand and services. That said, as you open your business, make it a priority to get a master business license or business name registration for your business.

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