Listicle – Happy Digital Learning Day!

Feb 27, 2020 1 Min Read

Wait… There’s a Digital Learning Day? Yes, there is!

Digital Learning Day was established primarily to encourage educators to embrace learning technology to be brought into the school system.  The organisers facilitated events to showcase success stories of doing just that, to increase awareness and share best practices.  It’s a worthwhile effort as education systems around the world require a revamp.

On Digital Learning Day, we embrace how technology brings learning to greater heights of efficiency and scalability, like never before. We recognise how with technology, learning is transformed: smarter, faster, better.

So, on this day, here are some timeless pieces compiled for your reading (and listening!) pleasure. May you continue to read, learn and be!

Hand presenting online education

1. Leveraging the Power of Digital Learning


Today, advancements, trends and demands are evolving quicker than we can keep up. Education is no longer about preparing ourselves for the next five or 10 years – we need to be ready for the changes that will come in the next year or two. This is where digital learning comes in.

2. Top 5 E-Learning Trends You Need to Know


Gone are the days of classroom training, as employers look for more cost-effective and value-added tools such as e-learning to develop their employees.

3. How the Frog Virtual Learning Education is Revolutionising Teaching and Learning


FrogAsia’s vision of giving every child access to quality 21st century education regardless of background and geographical location can be seen through the other initiatives they have spearheaded.

4. Online Learning: Bringing Interactive Education Beyond The Classroom


Online learning has liberalised education and made it a more personalised experience. Learners can learn at their own pace, wherever they are. Online technology has given them access to courses and programmes at a relatively low cost.

5. Raise Your Game: Why Digital Will Change The Way We Learn

The team at Leaderonomics talks us through the role that digital learning has to play in personal and career development. What exactly is digital learning? How is it better than the time and tested methods, and what are some reservations that some might have about it all?

6. Revitalising Digital Learning: How HR Can Enhance User Engagement


Humans are innately curious, and this is evident in the amount of time, energy and money we invest trying to appease our insatiable hunger for knowledge. It is this curiosity that enables us to continuously evolve through our keen observations.

7. Learning Through Collaboration: Social E-Learning


eLearning has taken workplace collaboration to a whole new level. Organisations are able to achieve a lot more that results in increased productivity and efficiency.

Bonus reading!

8. Want to Teach Something? Understand Intentional Learning First


In every classroom there is the Learner who is there intentionally to learn something, the Tourist who is there to look-see but not completely with any motivation, and the Terrorist is the one who will try to either hijack the course with plenty of challenges or hide disappear completely into their electronic devices…

Interested in bringing technology to enable learning in your organisation or community? Email and ask us how we can help.

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