Leveraging the Power of Digital Learning

May 11, 2019 1 Min Read
Benefits of Digital Learning

One of the most frustrating aspects of the education system is that, in a world of innovation and disruption, it’s one of those fields notoriously resistant to change.

In Malaysia and elsewhere, business leaders and organisations are crying out for people to have skills beyond the required minimum. Graduates might have the knowledge and practical skills for the job, but today’s world demands so much more from each of us.

When I was a journalism student, I remember our professor telling us, “Half of what you’ll learn over the next four years will be redundant within the following five.”

Having graduated in 2005, I pictured myself writing for newspapers for the next 30 years in a comfortable newsroom. People are going to read newspapers forever…right?

At that time, Facebook was new-born and few people had any idea of what would unfold over the next 10 years.

Looking back now, I realise that my professor’s point was a warning of sorts: don’t rest on your laurels. Keep learning, keep an eye on the trends – and know that your learning will never stop.

Today, advancements, trends and demands are evolving quicker than we can keep up. Education is no longer about preparing ourselves for the next five or 10 years – we need to be ready for the changes that will come in the next year or two.

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A learning revolution

I was delighted to see Leaderonomics chief executive officer Roshan Thiran announce the new Leaderonomics Digital initiative, which will serve as a vehicle for ‘limitless learning’. That might sound like a marketing cliché of sorts, but at this point in time, those who get ahead will be the ones who truly embrace the concept of lifelong learning.

The initiative addresses three main concerns of learning in the workplace (which also exist in learning institutions): low engagement of learners; low transfer of learning in the workplace; and low relevance of the learning content.

Imagine having access to a platform that provides your team with access to engaging, practical and relevant learning?

Research has strongly suggested for some time that employees are more motivated, creative and productive when they are engaged – and what better way to engage them than to invest in their growth and development through digital learning?

Conventional education, while valuable, is extremely slow in equipping people with the skills and knowledge needed to flourish. Some of the content is also irrelevant for a great deal of learners.

From a cost-benefit point of view, is it not better to equip people with an education that they are likely to apply and use in their real-world experience?

There is a great need for people to continue their learning after they’ve come out of education. Imagine what it would be like to have a bespoke digital platform that instils the habit of learning and growing within Malaysia’s organisations – it would revolutionise the way our businesses operate, function and thrive. And, of course, that has wider, positive consequences for the country as a whole.

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Leaderonomics Digital is working to address significant shortfalls in learning within Malaysia’s workforce, and not least of all to help inspire engagement and empower people to become invested in their organisation’s goals, objectives, and missions.

With around three billion workers in the world, a staggering 40 per cent of those say their bosses are aware that they’re actively looking elsewhere for employment, according to Gallup.

That’s an astonishing statistic, and doubtless many of those people will be looking to ‘grow elsewhere’ because they feel stunted in their current role.

So, how does a platform like Leaderonomics Digital’s benefit users and their organisations? Here are just a few examples:

1. Upskilling is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity

With the changes in technology and market demands, the need for employees to upskill (i.e. to upgrade current skills) is greater than ever before. In an uncertain economy – and one that sees people moving from job to job more freely – upskilling your team means that they will feel valued within the organisation and so be more likely to stay.

A digital learning platform is ideal for upskilling in the most efficient way that is relevant and sticks in the mind of each learner.

It will also improve their capabilities – both technical and soft skills – and increase employee engagement. If you’re not upskilling your top performers, your competitors will be happy to take up that role…

2. It’s accessible in a way that conventional learning is not

If you have teams in Malaysia, Indonesia, India and beyond, online learning is the ideal way to make sure everyone is learning from the same (digital) page. With offices in several locations, remote working, flexible hours and so on, Leaderonomics Digital removes the need for learners to all be in one location.

Think of the cost of having to upskill a number of people in different locations, if you needed to bring them to a centralised office or facility. One of the many benefits of digital learning is that it’s a cost and time-efficient way of educating people, while providing high-quality education.

3. The content is relevant, applicable, and constantly updated

A key benefit of Leaderonomics Digital is that the learning is tailored to each organisation’s needs and – just as important – relevant to learners’ roles and responsibilities, and their personal development.

The provision of adaptive skill building means that facilitators and learners are able to connect and engage in the learning process in exciting, collaborative ways. Having access to dynamic updates also means that the learning never stagnates or becomes irrelevant.

Leaderonomics Digital continuously delivers education that empowers people to perform at their best by keeping their skills and knowledge in line with evolving trends and demands.


Learn about the Leaderonomics Digital Learning Programmes here.


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Sandy is a former Leaderonomics editor and is now a freelance writer based in Malaysia, and previously enjoyed 10 years as a journalist and broadcaster in the UK. As editor of www.leaderonomics.com, he has been fortunate to gain valuable insights into what makes us tick, which has deepened his interests in leadership, emotions, mindfulness, and human behaviour.

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