Investing In People: Malakoff Believes In Training Potential Leaders

Jul 18, 2014 1 Min Read

Photo caption: Malakoff graduates celebrating their graduation

Independent power producer Malakoff Corp Bhd is firm on developing its people and enhancing their skills. It believes that attaining optimum organisational performance can only become a reality with good human capital development. The group has committed to investing significantly in training focused on developing the technical and functional skills of employees.

“We believe in human capital investment where we can continue to groom our potential future leaders, and provide opportunity for new knowledge, skills and character development. We aim to provide the resources our employees need to continually upgrade their competencies and performance. Our workers’ ambitions are our aspiration,” says Siti Hajar Mohd Dahlan, vice-president, human resources department.

Malakoff has long been renowned for their employee development programmes that enable their employees to either grow incrementally or accelerate them exponentially (their high potential programmes).  These programmes are highly experiential and forces “learning by doing”. Whilst teaching content is still an element in the various programmes, the key focus is on ensuring each of the Malakoff employees are constantly challenges and are learning in every situation.

It is not easy to run many of these experiential and “learn while doing” programme, but the Malakoff leadership team understand the importance of investing deeply in these programmes to ensure their employees grow to become best in the world.

Malakoff runs various sets of key internal programmes that focus on:

1. Technical/engineering skills

TDP Malakoff

2. Soft skills

HDP Malakoff

Malakoff Academy of X-Cellence (MAX)

MAX was established with the idea of providing a one-stop central avenue for all of Malakoff’s training and development programmes. It also doubles as a recreational space equipped with pool and foosball tables. Health, safety, spiritual and hobbies-related talks and activities are conducted on a monthly basis for Malakoff employees.

Located at LG2 of Plaza Sentral in Kuala Lumpur, the academy has a wide space of 12,000 sq ft. Since March 2013, Malakoff has offered this facility to the MMC group and the public for training purposes. Malakoff also provides soft skills training and development to the MMC group.

MAX Malakoff

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