HRDF: 5 Ways SMEs In Malaysia Can Grow

Apr 21, 2017 1 Min Read
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HRDF gives small and medium enterprises opportunities to widen its talent pool with skills-based training and incentives. Here are five ways your organisation can grow through the various initiatives offered by the agency.

Upskill the workforce

To grow, a company would first need to upgrade, be it from equipment to skill sets. Setting this in motion is HRDF’s Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Training Partner Scheme, done in collaboration with training providers, to upskill the workforce of a registered employer. The course fee will be debited from employers’ levy balances.

On-the-job training

If your company already has people with the necessary talent, skills and knowledge to upskill a new batch of employees, HRDF recognises that too. Its On The Job Training (OJT) facilitates SMEs to train new unskilled employees with the help of a skilled counterpart or supervisor by reducing the need to send a worker for training externally. Those who have been upskilled through this exercise can go on to attain other higher skills and competencies.

Identify areas for training

One strategic way to grow is to analyse the need for training in your organisation. HRDF’s SME Training Needs’ Analysis (TNA) Consultancy Scheme helps mid-level companies by offering fully-subsidised TNA consultancy services. The agency would then help eligible SME employers implement structured training programmes at the enterprise level.

Discover more local talent

For companies that want to reduce dependency on foreign talent, HRDF offers the Train & Replace Programme (T&R), which equips local workers with specific skills to replace existing employees brought in from abroad. Through this initiative, employers also find qualified skilled workers especially in knowledge-intensive industries

Purchase training equipment

Companies that are ready to scale and grow understand the need to train their workforce. To this end, HRDF provides the Purchase of Training Equipment Scheme that allows 100% reimbursement on the purchase of basic training equipment and to set up training rooms.

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Holding true to its vision of becoming the main human capital development authority in the country, HRDF provides human resource development solutions via funding, assessments, skill enhancement trainings, education and promotional programmes. To learn more about their initiatives and how you can grow your business, call 1-800-88-4800 or visit

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