‘Without Clear Vision, Execution Would Not Happen,’ Says Chia Yong Wei




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Chia Yong Wei was appointed as group chief executive officer for Microlink Solutions Bhd in April 2016. Since then, he has been actively engaged in reshaping the Microlink Group to meet the future needs of its clients.

He also wears the hats of group chief technology officer of OMESTI Grp and chief operating officer of OMESTI Innovation Lab, the technology and applications development arm of the Microlink Grp. That involves weaving together innovative technologies to provide practical solutions that enable clients and enterprise-wide users to deploy systems that will help grow and drive their businesses.

Chia Yong Wei

Chia during the live interview session.

Away from work, Yong Wei is a keen sportsman and is always getting ready for the next triathlon and other sporting adventures.

Watch this inspiring video of Chia being interviewed by Matthew Naylor as he shares his journey of self-discovery as he moves up the career ladder from one industry to another.

Here are some key takeaways from this exclusive interview:

  • Try and seize the opportunities in front of you and give your best shot, always.
  • Even at the C-level, you still need to go down to the field to deliver your outcomes. And you can only do that through your people.
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  • Network with different mix of people by being your best self. Get yourself in an ecosystem where you’ll be able to influence effectively.
  • Without vision, execution would not happen. Communicate your vision and strategy, simply but clearly, to your people.
  • There is no lifestyle-work balance. You just commit to what you say you would do and make it happen. Do more with less.

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