Are Benefits The Key To Becoming A Favourite Employer?

By Lily Cheah|05-02-2014 | 1 Min Read

Job seekers can be a picky bunch, especially those who possess sought after qualifications, skills and traits. Plus, it’s easier than ever to be picky today. Just tell the search engine what you want to know, or send a message out to friends and contacts, and chances are, you’ll find the information you’re looking for.

How high is the demand for in-house graphic designers today? (High, by the way, according to most recent Hays Quarterly Report) What’s the average pay for this role? Are there interesting work opportunities overseas that I can pursue?

What information does, is reveal options. What options do, is give greater choice. And from the employer’s perspective, especially when it comes to great, talented individuals, they want to be the employer that jobseekers choose to work for.

Offering compelling compensation and benefits is one key component of the strategy to attract and retain the best talent. It’s not just about the money either. Employers are increasingly paying attention to the benefits they offer.

Last year, Yahoo! Finance published a list 50 of the most amazing benefits given by companies. Here are just a handful of the 50:

• Death benefits including five years’ salary for your spouse spread over 10 years (Google)

• Access to secret tunnels reached by movable bookcase (Weebly)

• Unlimited vacation days (Weebly)

• Free housecleaning twice a month (Evernote)

• A running tab at the coffee shop (Jetsetter)

• Dog-friendly office (Airbnb)

• Free meals for employees and visiting family (Facebook)

Twelve out of the list of 50, were Google perks. And incidentally (or not?) Google is one of the most talked about employers today.

In our centrespread this week, we dig further into benefits strategies of companies in the Asia-Pacific. One in five employers don’t have a benefits strategy still, but that’s a great improvement from 33% in 2009.

If your company, or one that you know, offers great benefits that you believe deserves a place on a list of “Amazing Benefits Offered by Companies”, we want to hear from you. Write to us with details at Click here for more articles.

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Lily Cheah is a former head of Enterprise at Leaderonomics. Prior to that role, she was editor of (Ldotcom) and also was part of a special projects team in Leaderonomics. She believes that small details play a big part in huge successes, including always explaining “why”. She is a senior leader in HR today.
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