5 Strategies to Ensure Productivity When Hiring Remotely

Oct 15, 2021 5 Min Read
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Remember: Busyness does not equate to Productivity.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us change the way we work and has completely overhauled the 9 to 5 lifestyle. While it may have brought about a whole new wave of disruption all over the world, at the same time it has had many benefits too. Lesser vehicles on the roads (for instance) as people have started working from home, and there is no need to commute back and forth. Apart from that, companies have been able to find and recruit fresh talent from all over the world, thanks to the recent advances in internet connectivity and technology. Let us check out a few brilliant strategies for your company if you are interested in hiring remotely:

I. Standardise as many of your onboarding features as you can

Without an actual physical office, the onboarding of all new remote staff members might turn out to be inchoate, chaotic, and can become haphazard and unstructured. Give very careful consideration to the hard-earned experience of your new recruits. This way, they will be engaged, informed, and enthusiastic about your brand. A video training program is also a great way to try and streamline all of your fresh inductions. It is very important that your new remote staff is aware of all of your expectations from them. They should know their job descriptions (JDs) and the people they will have to turn to, in the hierarchy for the quickest answers to all of their questions. 

II. Communication is the top key here

You must always choose the best methods of communication at hand. While it is all well and good to use instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Slack, you must be careful to ensure relevancy in the conversation to the subject matter. This technique is to avoid derailment, which can cause a slippery slope. Once you let it off the hook, it will non-stop sailing away. Much the same applies to long and irrelevant CC mail chains. These can be more of a hindrance than any sort of useful help.

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As a matter of fact, you should consider ditching the mostly old and obsolete email system altogether in lieu of the more advanced project management software tools out there. These tools will automatically help keep your communication organised in a more centralised manner so that just about every remote individual is always kept in the loop. Once you establish clear communication guidelines, you will be able to see that all the staff will be on the same page, even those who are working remotely. 

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III. Promote a culture of wellness

Always remember that a happy team is a really productive team. Happiness or wellness culture is a very big deal in many, if not most physical workplaces. Despite it, it is the utmost paramount pointer to take note of, it is ever more so important presently. Companies should espouse and continue to embrace this work culture. If not, underscore it further. This approach ensures that the employees feel they are being taken care of and not merely a commodity to the company. Much the same principle applies to remote workers as well. You should offer your employees cash rewards, vouchers at fine dining establishments and encourage your staff to take regular breaks for fresh air and movement. You can also offer them gym memberships in their respective neighbourhoods irrespective of their place of residence. Online counselling is also a good way to promote a happy culture in your office. 

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IV. Define the structure of your organisation

The structure is always considered of paramount importance in any sort of physical work environment. However, it is even more critical to the success of an enterprise that operates on the basis of remote workers. It is vital to make sure that every employee has clearly defined priorities, responsibilities, and goals. The workers must be clear about which tasks need to be done first, otherwise, their recruitment would be in vain. You can use project management software for the purpose of setting individual as well as collaborative goals.

It is important for employees to know the four quadrants of time management ([1] Urgent and important. [2] Not urgent yet important. [3] Urgent but not important. [4] Not urgent and not important.) in order to maintain productivity and efficiency at work. Employees need a clear goal, and a structure that lets them know which specific tasks they should prioritize first.

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Learn from the South American Example

Many South American countries such as Chile have developed rapidly in recent decades thanks to their proactive approach to doing business. In other words, a proactive approach is one where the leader is constantly in the lookout for new opportunities and preventing any serious issue before they emerge. This is done by a lot of reflection and smart decision making. What they did was simple, they took brief but effective breaks to find solutions and not allow mistakes to get bigger and bigger. This is a valuable example to be followed by everyone, anyone can start modifying tasks, reorganising the work structure, clarifying routines and setting clear expectations. The result will definitely be worth it. 

This is the reason why they are an increasingly attractive site for foreign investment. To see a real life example of this, just take a look at one such company or consider partnering with them. You could outsource hiring to payroll Chile for all your payroll-related needs. Trusting Chile PEO services with your business is something you will never regret. 


It is possible to hire remote workers and ensure their productivity by having a structured organisation where they would know their individual roles as productive members of the business enterprise. To do so, the article covered these main strategies: standardisation of onboarding features, improved communication, promotion of culture wellness, defining the structure of your organisation and getting inspired by others. However, one needs to keep in mind that the importance of productivity does not equate having your plates full (busyness) but rather reaching that sweet balance between work and life.

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