Word – Watch By Lucille Dass (Poem)

Aug 07, 2017 1 Min Read

Words can make or break a person. It’s a double-edged sword, so use it wisely. Here’s a poem from a reader to remind us to tame the tongue and use it for good, as a result of an article written by Yeoh Lin Lin.

Check out this article: How Words Can Make Or Break Your Personality

And, the poem goes like this:

Words … words … words
Watch your words!

Spell it as it is – W – O – R – D – S
or cross it if you like – S – W – O – R – D
See what I mean?

Words … words … words
the wonder never ceases …

Words have an edge
to fit like a wedge:

… words so neat
just meant to meet

or words so disordered
they yield discord

Watch it, watch it, watch it
Watch your words!

… words that weigh
so heavy, they sway

or words so trivial
mean nothing, all drivel

words of hope
and hope-filled dreams

not words that shatter
and sound so mean

or words of distrust
that show disdain

but words that comfort
and soothe pain

Watch it, watch it, watch it
Watch your words!

… words so pure
so gentle, so mild

words so bitter
so full of guile!

words we treasure
of pamper and pleasure

or words so meagre
all made-to-measure

Watch it, watch it, watch it
Watch your words!

… words so precious
we desire to hear

or words so malicious
we abhor to hear

words of prayer
of care so rare

words that elevate
and edify

not words that disparage
or discourage

but words of hope
to help us cope

Words, words, words
the wonder never ceases …

So! watch it, watch it, watch it
better watch your words!

– Written by Lucille Dass

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