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When we think of deadly sea creatures, we think of sharks. Seeing great whites and the tigers are enough to strike fear into human hearts, considering the rows of rows of sharp and razor-edged teeth they have. Thanks a lot for the trauma, Jaws. But the hammerhead shark? Not so scary after all.

These curious sea predators with their wide and mallet-shaped head with a pair of eyes at each one end makes them distinctively unique in the underwater world. Their (unfortunate) shaped heads give them an impression of looking clumsy and quite “duh”.

In fact, you might even say they look cute! But don’t let that deceive you. These sharks have super sharp vision, great hearing and an acute sense of smell. They’re as much a predator as some of the more typical looking sharks.

Interestingly enough, hammerheads are one of the few shark species that are not completely solitary. Instead, they form schools of up to 100 sharks during the day and only separate at night to hunt for food and prey. According to Hawaiian culture, hammerhead sharks are highly respected and considered protectors of their families and children.

Watch these graceful but deadly carnivores of the sea:


Leadership lesson

Some people may look unconventional or odd, but could actually be great leaders. Taking time to know them may reveal great insights and learning opportunities.

But more importantly, just like a hammerhead, a leader must know when to be with their group and when to fly solo.

They need to adapt and guide their team when necessary, but also take actions and drive initiatives on their own when it is something they believe in.


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