Ask Roshan: Lessons Learnt From Mokhtar Dahari's Coaching


Roshan Thiran


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Question to “Ask Roshan”

What did you learn under the training of the legendary footballer Mokhtar Dahari, also known as ‘SuperMokh’?

Excerpt from Roshan’s answer

Under his coaching, Mokhtar once asked me if I think he was a talented football player. Thinking it was a redundant question, the legend responded that while anyone can be talented, not everyone can be the best in their fields. Talent can only bring you to a certain level, but to be the best, you need to push yourself really hard, work hard, persevere and practise, practise, practise. The reason why he became the best player during his time was attributed to his relentless push to go beyond, perseverance and his hard work to be better each time at what he does on the field. Indeed, he became the best Malaysian footballer during his time, and one of the best players in Asia.

Watch this video for his full response:

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How this show came about?
This TV segment called “Ask Roshan” came about when Matt Naylor, Hafiz Hori & Roshan Thiran were travelling to Johor for a gig with Citibank. During the drive over, Matt set up Facebook Live and took questions from everyone via Facebook to Roshan who spontaneously answered them. This resulted in hundreds of questions popping up and getting live answers from Roshan and even some of the Citibank leaders, including their CEO, Lee Lung Nien.

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