Leadership Nuggets: Living Up to Our Own Expectations

Apr 27, 2021 2 Min Video
our beliefs
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Are We Governed by Expectations, Myths & Beliefs Derailing our Success?

As part of the Leadership Nuggets video series, Roshan Thiran shares how our beliefs resident in our minds, can sometimes derail us from success. Managing and removing these myths is critical for our growth and future. Watch this short, inspirational video on "Living Up to Your Own Expectations" and gleam wisdom on how your can make a change in your life, by altering your personal myths and beliefs

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Roshan is the Founder and “Kuli” of the Leaderonomics Group of companies. He believes that everyone can be a leader and "make a dent in the universe," in their own special ways. He is featured on TV, radio and numerous publications sharing the Science of Building Leaders and on leadership development. Follow him at www.roshanthiran.com

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