For Every Seed You Sow,
You Give An Opportunity To Grow

Join our efforts:

We know we’re not alone in our mission. If you’re here, we’re guessing you too believe in the transformative power of leadership development, and that you would like to play a part in making a difference.

Any help you can send our way is deeply appreciated. That said, here are some ways you could lend a hand. You know, if you wanted to. No pressure. We believe you’re a good person either way. But if you wanted to help, we think that’d be pretty cool. 

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Every piece of insight is an opportunity to reach a person and grow together. You can spread the word by simply sharing it with your friends!

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Our aim is to grow as many people into leaders that will make a difference in their communities. We believe everyone should be given the opportunity to be empowered and equipped for leadership. Your support will greatly accelerate this effort.

Here are 3 ways:

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Create With Us

Do you find joy in expressing yourself through writing, photography or graphic design? We welcome content submissions that can add value to leadership development. Whatever the format, if it’s about leadership development, we want it T&Cs apply of course ;)

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Support An Initiative

More of an outdoorsy ‘get my hands dirty’ kind of person? Take a look at how you can help out with our various Make A Difference projects. If the idea of going out (or going online, thanks 2020!) and interacting with communities and people excites you, our MAD initiatives are for you.

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Chip In

Finding it hard to walk because your pockets are so stuffed with cash and bars of gold? We can help! We have a few initiatives that could always use some extra funding. Consider sponsoring a child’s attendance at one of our leadership camps or even funding!

A person once asked: "Which is more important, the journey or the destination?" The wise friend replied: "The company."

Together, we can achieve our mission of Growing People into Leaders, Building Communities of Love, and Transforming the Nation.

Our Corporate, Community and Digital efforts thrive on collaborations that are mutually beneficial to all parties. Whether you’re an individual, a parent, a brand or an organisation, we’d love to partner with you.

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For Business

Over the years, Leaderonomics has built up solid business relationships with a multitude of organisations, and we are certainly open to more. Whether long or short-term, we seek partnerships that are fruitful and mutually beneficial. Have a business proposition? Get in touch!

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For Youth In School

Since the beginning, we have been setting up free Leaderonomics Clubs in primary and secondary schools as part of our efforts to build youths into leaders. Currently, we have 95 Clubs in schools across 3 countries and if you want, yours could be next!

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For Social Good / the Greater Good

Many of our collaborations are also done in pursuit of giving back to the community. Sadly, there are many problems in our world today, many of which are linked. By working together, we can increase our overall impact far beyond what each of us could do alone.

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For Youth On Campus

Leaderonomics has established connections with several universities to offer internship programs. We treat our interns like CEOs (meaning they do work that matters). We welcome opportunities to speak at your campuses and invite students to join us for their internships.

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