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Chinese Crested Dog and Lessons We Learn from them

Photo credit (above): mentalfloss.com

Updated 22 February 2018

My fellow human beings,

Today’s animal comes to you from a recommendation from our very own Yi-Wen, who is absolutely enamoured with it.

It’s not some weird animal from the rainforest or the oceans of the world, but is in fact Man’s Best Friend (well… someone’s at least).

It’s the Chinese Crested Dog. Yes. People keep them as pets. It’s a breed of hairless dog, but can be born with fur or without fur. The ones with fur (called Powderpuffs!) only have them at certain spots and can even develop “beards”!


(Above: A Powderpuff Chinese Crested Dog) (Photo credit: SheltieBoy | Flickr)

They’re extremely family friendly animals and do well with people who have intense allergics. In fact, they’re super affectionate, obedient and great show dogs.


(Photo credit: Sherri Cavalier | Flickr)

Anyone think that this fella looks a little like Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmations?

Leadership Lesson

A good leader must be able to recognise the qualities in their followers, regardless of how they may initially appear. A good leader would see beyond the winner of the World’s Ugliest Dog Award and instead value his/her follower for their skills & abilities, like those possessed by the Chinese Crested Dog.

There’s awesomeness in everyone!

Til next time, have a great week!

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