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Feb 17, 2014 1 Min Read

There is a vast difference between being reactive and proactive. Being reactive is to react to something that has happened whereas being proactive is to think and act before the situation to prevent any crisis.

For example, a reactive person would say, “I need to see the doctor now because my throat is sore and nose is runny.”

However, a proactive person would say, “I’ll drink more water, take vitamins and exercise regularly to stay healthy.”

Here are five stepping-stones to proactivity:

1. Start being responsible

Take time to stop and think. Then, respond to the situation in the right manner.

Be responsible for your mistakes instead of blaming others or the situation.

2. Be more organised

Have a planner or schedule to balance your time more efficiently.

To be even more systematic, coordinate your notes with various coloured pens, highlighters or sticky notes.

3. Go the extra mile to be more efficient

Plan for the future and prepare back-up plans to prevent any possible flaws.

An attitude like this will get you far whether in personal or professional circumstances.

4. Renew your mind

Slowly change your mind set to prevent a problem from arising. When a problem does surface, solve it rationally.

Take time to define the problem and respond with a solution.

5. Focus

Focus on your priorities and discard things that are unnecessary at that moment of your life.

Be in the driver’s seat and take control of your life.

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