So What If I Volunteered?

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For those of you from all age groups who are always searching for something more, volunteering is an opportunity to connect with like-minded people. It offers a great opportunity for networking that could in turn provide ample opportunities for collaborations and business in the future, opening up new doors where least expected.

Furthermore, being involved in volunteering gives a great understanding of the community needs that could potentially shed light on areas where you could start something up – a social enterprise, or a conventional business. And we haven’t even touched on the ample skills that volunteering helps you acquire and can be easily deployed in any workspace – teamwork, communication skills, dealing with difficult people or groups, leadership skills, as well as increasing in your confidence and self-awareness.

So, no matter how young or old you are, get busy and search your local community for volunteering opportunities – the more challenging a task the bigger the advantages, but even very simple tasks can teach you a ton of new skills, put you through new experiences, open up new doors, and improve you all around. Better get cracking! Visit for opportunities.

Eva hopes that many more Malaysians see the value of volunteering – not just for the benefit of their community but also their own.Click here for more articles like this. 
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