One Minute of Gratitude

Nov 03, 2017 1 Min Read

The “Magic” of One Minute

How can you change each day to a joyful one in just one minute? It’s simple.
By counting your blessings and expressing your gratitude for them to whichever God or faith we believe in.

Why does gratitude work as a meditation practice?
Because it makes you focus on what you have, as opposed to always looking at what you seek. It creates inner contentment and peace that stays with you through the day. Lastly it helps you deal with the moments when you don’t get something you seek or something you thought you deserve.

So how can one experience this magic in just one minute?

Here are the simple steps:
Sit in peace for a moment without your phone, laptop or the presence of another person. You need a minute’s peace. Find it in any corner of your home or office where you can.If you are in a bus or a train, close your eyes and relax; say gently to yourself:

I say thanks today for all that I am blessed with:

  1. I say thank you for blessing me with life, with breath which so many are denied every day.
  2. I say thank you for my last meal which filled me, a meal that so many lack every day.
  3. I say thank you for the sip of clear water that nourished my thirst, which is denied to many
  4. I say thank you for every organ in my body helping me to function.
  5. I say thank you for the love of my (mum, dad, spouse, children, etc.)
  6. I say thank you for (my education, teachers, school, college etc.)
  7. I say thank you for (my income, my job, my career)
  8. I say thank you for a roof over my head, my home
  9. I say thank you for the challenges and teachings you send my way
  10. I say thank you for the opportunities and gifts you send my way
  11. I say thank you for loving me and forgiving my mistakes
  12. I say thank you for saving me in so many crises when I had lost it all
  13. I say thank you for always being there in my every prayer

When you are done with the list of thanks, pause – and with a smile on your face, say a final “thanks”.

You can also choose to write the list of thanks in a diary every day. It will take no longer than a minute. Remember, those who say thanks have much to be thankful for.

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