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Every 14 February, we see a day filled with chocolates, roses and teddy bears across many countries around the world as people celebrate Valentine’s Day.

No matter which level of leadership responsibility you hold, you might realise that there’s a better way to
lead than simply “hitting the numbers” and caring only about the bottom line. In Love Works, the author Joel Manby shares seven principles of love to build healthy relationships at work: patient, kind, trusting, unselfish, truthful, forgiving and dedicated.

We are reminded ourselves to stay true to our Leaderonomics vision, i.e. growing people into leaders, building communities of love and transforming the nation.

Here, we bring you seven of our timeless posts on love and leadership, to be shared this lovely day:

1. What’s Your Love Strategy? Love Is A Leadership Competency Needed For Greatness by Roshan Thiran

2. How Do You Really Love Someone? by Joseph Tan

3. The 5 Love Languages Of A Leader by Eric Lau

4. Love At Work by Dan Rockwell

5. Be A Leader: How To Lead With Love (video)

6. Be A Leader: You Need Power And Love To Lead In Charisma (video)

7. Raise Your Game: Leadership And Love (podcast)


Why not share with us how you are leading with love at your own organisation? The editorial team at Leaderonomics wishes you ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’. To connect with us, just drop us a line or two at
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