Blessed Mother's Day!

May 09, 2015 1 Min Read
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Compiled by KAREN NEOH

From our homes to yours, here’s wishing all mothers, adoptive mothers, foster mothers, stepmothers, working mums, stay-at-home mums – all women everywhere who have given their hearts to caring and raising young ones, Leaderonomers wish you HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! (the rest of us now should go make breakfast for our mums!)

“Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mums in Malaysia!” – Roshan Thiran

“To my mum, mother-in-law and grandmas to my daughters. Thank you for your selfless love, wisdom and endless spoiling! Love you lots.” – Hui Ming

“The hand that rocks my cradle is still the hand that touches my heart!” – Joseph Tan

“Mama, I’m so blessed and proud to be your son, knowing that I’m always loved and remembered no matter how far away from home I’d gone.” – Keat Lim

We know your love for us (your children) is unconditional. Thank you for being our mother. Love, Su, Shien & Pei

“Thank you for being the greatest support pillar and amazing role model, love you!” – Evelyn Teh

“Dear SuperMomma , thanks for being my anchor, safety net, and my everything. – Suet Ling

“Mom, don’t worry about me ah – I am 36 years old already.”
Oopps – ok reset. Here’s the real one: “Mom, if I’ve learnt one thing from you, it’s that love impacts and changes lives.” – Andrew Lau

“I learnt of a mother’s unconditional love and sacrifices through the both of you. Thank you ma, Mdm Alamealu and ‘athe’ Mdm Thanavathy for always being there.” – Prema Jayabalan

“Mama, you’re beautiful, funny, creative and irreplaceable. I can’t live without you!” – Khirriah Kodry

“I have all my amazing qualities thanks to you and I’m grateful to call you mummy.” – Stephanie Ling

“Thanks mummy for being the Super-Mum that you are! Love from your family.” – Sara Kang

“Thank you for always putting us first and giving your best in everything you do!” – Soon Sheena

“Thank you for taking care of the family and I love you very much!” – Adeline Tay

“Mummy, you’re a gift from above! Thanks for your unconditional and sacrificial love. *Muaks!*– Lay Hsuan, Lim

“Hi mum (Cynthia Soh), thank you for all your sacrifices to ensure a successful and fruitful future at the expense of your own for me. I cannot thank you enough for the opportunities you have provided me and I treasure and cherish every one of it. Happy Mother’s Day to the greatest mum ever!” – Marcus Lim

“Ma Susila and Ma in-law Aracy, You both are the best! We love you!” – Ashvaani

“Happy Mom’s Birthday to the only person who will offer me chocolate ice cream at 2 a.m.!” – Millie Ong

“If I know what love means, especially the sacrificial type, it’s because of you. Thanks Mummy!” – Divya Chandy

“Dear mum, thank you for being there for all of us when we needed it the most. We love you!” – James LSY & siblings

Mak, you are definitely the most amazing and most beautiful woman in my life!” – Nadia Radhuan

“Love you loadsss, ma :D May you be blessed with happiness always! :)” – Rahilah Najumudeen

So You are the one that Loves me, thanks for Value adding Into my life. Always will love you Mummy!
And her precious name is Sylvia! – Sheila Solomon

For all you do and all you are, we love you. Happy Mother’s Day! – Dinesh Dorai Raj

“Thank you for everything, love you, cherish you and treasure you. Blessed Mummy’s day!!!” – Joyce Tan

“Words are never enough to thank you for all that you do. Happy Mothers Day.” – Yogeswary Arumugam

“Hello Ah Mah! Hi Mi! Happy Mother’s Day! Love you!” – Jaz, Soo, Kat, Ivan, Nen (Jak & Coco.. haha!)

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Published in English daily The Star, Malaysia, 9 May 2015

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