Avoid Burning Out

Mar 17, 2014 1 Min Read

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If you are constantly dragging your feet to work and forcing a smile though you look like you have not slept in days, chances are, you are experiencing burnout.

Burnout is a psychological disorder that sets in when you have been experiencing prolonged stress. So how do we deal with burnout?

1. Acknowledge that you are burnt out

Author Christine Hohlbaum writes “if you no longer wake up with fire in your belly – but rather with your stomach on fire – you are burned out.”

Recognise that you have lost momentum. Look up signs of burnout, and if they all sound familiar, accept the fact that you are burnt out and that you need to do something about it.

2. Start your day with some serenity

Before you go to work, spend 10 to 15 minutes in quiet relaxation. Make the effort to wake up slightly earlier just to relax.

Reading, journaling or even stretching are a few examples you can try to unwind.

This will help you kick-start your day with a fresh mind and body. Feeling refreshed in the morning can help you focus more at work as well.

3. Learn to say “no”

We tend to be overachievers at times. We want to take up everything though we know we can’t handle it all.

Learn how to say “no” to tasks because we are all still human. We all need rest. Our body needs time to rejuvenate if it’s tired.

Think about the quality instead of the quantity. Put your best effort into the tasks you already have instead of piling up your workload and as a result, you produce poor quality work.

4. Let your creativity flow

Don’t be afraid to explore your creative side. This will ensure a balanced lifestyle when you start using more of your right brain.

Dr Shelley Carson writes, “The latest neuroscience research suggests that developing our creative potential will lead to greater success and fulfilment in our personal and professional lives.”

Do something new like starting a project or going for an art class. Try something fun that has nothing to do with your work.

5. Seek help

Find someone you can trust and just let it out. Don’t be afraid when you come to a breaking point and need help.

Discuss your work situation and how you can address the burnout you are experiencing. It is absolutely alright to share your struggles with someone else.

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