3 Steps How You Can Stop Your Self-Doubt

Mar 23, 2018 1 Min Read



Destroy therefore with the sword of wisdom the doubt born of ignorance that lies in thy heart.

Supposedly, those were the words of Krishna, taken from The Bhagavad Gita, to the wavering and worrying warrior, Arjuna.

Self-doubt is like corrosive rust. It grows slowly but inevitably weakens the iron within, eventually hollowing out all the strength there once was.

It serves no purpose apart from ensuring the failure of every plan ever made.

Doubt kills more new ideas than anything else.

The Delivery of the Bhagavad Gita | Wikimedia Commons

Here are three practical techniques to help you counter self-doubts.

  1. Use words of affirmations 

Doubt is a silent, negative expression but you can train yourself to focus on its opposite – positive affirmations.

These are simple but powerful statements you tell yourself regularly. Write them down on a small card and carry it with you.

Repeat these affirmations to yourself, silently or loudly, as often as possible.

It is important to craft these affirmations carefully. They state what you want in the present tense. For instance:

I am strong.

I can do anything.

Good things are coming to me.

I am getting healthier every day.

I have wealth and success.

  1. Visualisation 

This is a powerful technique that will help reframe your mind. Sit down for 5–10 minutes in a quiet place. Close your eyes, and concentrate on your breath.

See with your mind’s eye that which you want the most – a happy family, wealth, a great job, success.

Focus on the feelings you are getting and immerse yourself in the feeling of joy. Once you can visualise it in your mind, it’s time for you to strive to make it a reality.

  1. Do what you fear 

Start confronting your fears. Whether it is to apologise to someone, to give up a bad habit, to try an adventure sport, or whatever it may be, just do it.

Make a list of your fears and start breaking their stronghold on you.

Take note of the soaring confidence you get from each experience, and how doubt and fear will begin to have less control in your life.


The greatest favour you can do yourself is to destroy your doubts.

It serves no purpose apart from weakening you. You have the power to greatness hidden within you. Unleash it.


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