“Coaching is about asking the right questions”, Says Certified Executive Coach Paul Larsen




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At the recent DoGood Leadership Conference, we had the chance to catch a few moments with leadership coach Paul N. Larsen who has had extensive experience working with leaders from many types of organisations.

His leadership ‘nugget’ for today is, ‘How to coach, and what is coaching?’

A lot of people say ‘I need a coach.’ or ‘I want a coach.’

According to Larsen, coaching is not:

  • a therapy session
  • what happened in our past


Coaching is about how your current environment is like, and how it can transition into the future. Coaching focuses more on product development, but the product here is you.

Larsen says, it is important to always remember when it comes to coaching goals and outcomes─ it is not about telling someone what to do, but it is about asking the right questions to obtain the right outcomes to satisfy their needs.

Coaching is about moving from the current environment into the future.

 Watch this short video:

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